Video Conferencing Solution Gives Users Independent Controls in Virtual Meetings

IOCOM's Visimeet Removes "Turn Taking" and Other Restrictions


CHICAGO, July 24, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IOCOM, a leading provider of universal video conferencing and collaboration solutions, today announced to users the ability to individually manage meetings with its independent controls functionality. Adjusting audio, sharing data, and zooming cameras are among the many independent controls that Visimeet, IOCOM's flagship video conferencing platform, gives users.

Unlike traditional systems that require granted permission from a moderator, independent controls, which are a standard feature of Visimeet, remove the restrictions that limit participation by allowing users to easily make adjustments throughout meetings.

Some independent controls include:

  • Desktop/Data Sharing – Meeting participants can share desktops & data, in native resolution, to all attendees while the video and audio streams remain intact.
  • Audio Management – Without affecting other meeting attendees, users have the ability to adjust the volume of participants who are too loud or too quiet, temporarily mute their own microphone, or fix an echo they may be experiencing.
  • Camera Control – To conserve bandwidth, participants can decrease or increase the resolution of video they are transmitting. Separately, users have the ability to manually navigate pan-tilt-zoom cameras to their preference.
  • Independent Windows – All video and data windows can be individually moved, resized, or exited to maximize display real estate. Shunning the common "Hollywood Squares" video alignments, Visimeet users can tailor their video conferences to whom and how they want to see their colleagues.

"We want to make users feel as if they're in the same room as everyone else in the meeting. Delivering an easy to use solution, that gives them the power to fully control their participation is how we do just that," said Tim Hackett, IOCOM CEO. "When you restrict the capabilities to freely participate, you restrict the ability to collaborate. Visimeet removes all the restrictions one may be used to and delivers truly limitless communication."

Visimeet is a software-based solution that keeps people connected through video, audio, and data conferencing and works with any internet-enabled endpoint, including room systems, desktop PCs, notebooks, and mobile devices. IOCOM focuses on delivering high performance solutions that provide superior quality audio and video without the cost and complexity of proprietary systems.

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