Tom Bowman Launches Blog to De-Politicize Climate Change Discussion Explores Shared Values That Drive Effective Climate Response


SIGNAL HILL, Calif., July 25, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tom Bowman, a small business entrepreneur and one of the premier interpreters of climate science and green business strategies, has created a new blog to examine public attitudes about climate change and the core values that motivate people to engage in climate response. Using an exploratory approach, the blog will go beyond the simplistic, highly partisan rhetoric that typifies climate change discussions to reveal what Americans are already doing in response to the climate challenge—and why.

The blog will also include "The Climate Report with Tom Bowman™," an audio program that features in-depth interviews with a variety of business, communications, policy, science and other experts. By discussing how to address climate change from different perspectives, Bowman will reveal unique insights that yield effective solutions.

Bowman says his goals are to encourage people to engage and to help readers make informed choices about their future. "This blog will be a place to explore some of things that keep people on the sidelines, such as our unconscious preconceptions and core values. I'll also highlight practical actions that people in all walks of life are already taking—actions that unlock even more possibilities," says Bowman.

Bowman's twenty five years as a successful small business owner, a communications expert and an informal science educator is the basis of his interdisciplinary approach to a wide variety of topics. Sought after as a "public intellectual," Bowman has earned the respect of the scientific community with his firm's award-winning exhibitions, including Global Warming: Facts & Our Future at the Marian Koshland Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences, Ocean on the Edge for the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Smart Energy Experience™ for Southern California Edison.

As a social entrepreneur driven to effect wide-scale change, Bowman created the Climate Solutions Project, a touring festival and exhibition designed to engage the public with the risks and potential solutions to climate change. Cited for its innovative approach, the Climate Solutions project was selected as a finalist for the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. In 2008, Bowman convened a groundbreaking meeting to assess public attitudes about global warming and authored its influential summary report, early evidence of his exploratory approach to learning.

Bowman's green business expertise has been recognized with three awards earned for implementing a cost-effective plan that slashed his firm's greenhouse gas emissions by 65% in less than two years. In addition to being published in Science and the International Journal of Sustainability Communications, Bowman writes a monthly green business column, A sought-after advisor and communicator on climate and energy issues, Bowman has consulted for NOAA, the White House Council on Environmental Quality, and the National Science Foundation and contributed to the federal Climate Literacy education guide.

The blog will be launched on July 25, 2012 and is available using the link

About Tom Bowman

Tom Bowman is recognized as an effective translator of climate science and complex issues for public audiences, a messaging strategist, and an orchestrator of complex initiatives. He approaches communications from the audience's perspective and understands how messages are received in the marketplace of ideas. His work engages people with the crux of an issue and focuses on free-choice learning. His business success is based on his capacity to work effectively and openly with institutional leaders, and follow through on uniquely challenging projects that require visionary leadership and coordination among many stakeholders. He has been called a "public intellectual" due to his curiosity and interdisciplinary understanding for climate science and other scientific fields, social psychology, social ethics, and a range of other subjects that influence effective communication. He is a trusted advisor to science and business leaders.

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