Social Security Solutions Garnered $250,000,000 More in Benefits

LEAWOOD, KS--(Marketwire - Jul 26, 2012) -  Social Security Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of software and advice for Social Security retirement benefit claiming strategies, really does get more for their users, and their online "Benefit Counter" proves it.

Found at, the Benefit Counter logs the cumulative increase in benefits potentially gained by users of the company's proprietary software. While over 70% of Americans claim retirement benefits sub-optimally, the Benefit Counter from Social Security Solutions clearly demonstrates how much money can be missed by claiming early. The counter recently surpassed $250,000,000 of additional benefits for their users in just one year.

Social Security Solutions, Inc.'s online tool allows consumers to compare benefit claiming strategies side-by-side in order to assess the monthly and cumulative benefits when beginning at various ages. This tool was recommended earlier this year by SmartMoney and Kiplinger Personal Finance magazines, both respected publications relating to personal finance.

"Far too many Americans claim benefits as early as possible. Our research, recently published in the Journal of Financial Planning, proves that maximizing and optimizing Social Security is by far the best strategy for most Americans," states William Meyer, CEO of Social Security Solutions, Inc. "Our software is based on years of research and expertise, and using it to get your Recommended Solution -- the claiming strategy that will get you the most in benefits -- means you will be better off. Regardless of how much you've saved for retirement, we've shown that your savings can last 2 to 10 years longer by optimizing your Social Security benefits."

The online tool is designed to help consumers make the best possible decision about when to begin Social Security and is coded with all of the complex variables that impact retirement benefits. With only a few pieces of information, the tool is able to analyze the Social Security rules that apply to an individual's situation, compare scenarios for selecting benefits, and recommend a claiming strategy to maximize benefits. There is also a version of the software for financial professionals and enterprises.

Headquartered in Leawood, KS, Social Security Solutions, Inc. ( delivers advice and education about Social Security retirement benefit claiming strategies to consumers and practitioners. Social Security Solutions, Inc. leverages its expertise, research and technology to help clients determine the best strategy for collecting benefits in line with their overall retirement goals.

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