TokBox Puts 'FaceTime' Into Any App With No 'Mobile' Code

Web Developers Can Now Create iOS Apps With Built-In Video Chat

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 27, 2012) - Anyone wanting to build a mobile app that includes live video chat can now do so without a single line of mobile programming code. TokBox, operators of the OpenTok Video Communications Platform, have released Plug-Ins for Titanium and PhoneGap, allowing developers to build 'native' mobile apps using the languages they are already familiar with, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

TokBox pioneered the use of live video chat integrated within other apps -- as compared to single-purpose apps such as FaceTime or Skype -- with the release of the OpenTok iOS SDK earlier this year. With the addition of the Titanium and PhoneGap Plug-Ins, TokBox is bridging the mobile and web worlds, opening up mobile face-to-face communications to the entire community of web developers.

The OpenTok Platform provides mobile-to-mobile as well as mobile-to-web video communications, so any organization with existing web assets -- such as retailers with customer service video chat -- can now easily leverage their effort to extend their service to mobile and tablets.

Ian Small, TokBox CEO: "In an increasingly mobile world, platforms such as Titanium and PhoneGap are critical for the rapid development of mobile apps. Tools such as video chat, which are becoming the norm online, have been slower to deploy on mobile because of the programming language barrier. Now, if you are a developer with web skills you can build video chat into a native app without needing to learn Objective-C."

"The addition of live video communications into a service can radically change the levels of interactivity and engagement. Particularly in industries such as healthcare, eCommerce, and entertainment, live video has become a way to deliver services and content in efficient and compelling ways."

The OpenTok Plug-Ins can be downloaded from:

About TokBox
OpenTok from TokBox is the leading global online video communications platform, enabling the addition of live group video communications into any web property. Incorporating solutions for enterprises, entrepreneurs and developers, anyone with a web presence can harness the power of live video to drive user engagement within their site or service.

The scalable, customizable platform incorporates proprietary quality-enhancing technology and enables high quality video sessions with up to 20 live participants and unlimited viewers.

TokBox is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

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