Portage Chiropractor Announces School Supply Drive, Promotes Back-to-School Wellness Care Tips

Portage, Wisconsin, UNITED STATES

PORTAGE, Wis., July 29, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blau Family Chiropractic in Portage, WI announced that the practice will be holding a school supply drive on August 16th. Existing patients who donate five school supplies and $5 will receive a free adjustment. New patients or those re-establishing care will receive a free adjustment with a $25 donation and 25 school supplies. Examples of school supply donations for students in need include notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, crayons and rulers. The school supply drive is part of the wellness care center's ongoing commitment to community involvement and healthy spinal care.

Portage back pain patients can receive a free adjustment from Blau Family Chiropractic on August 16. The practice is holding a school supplies drive for local families and schools in need.

"Our wellness care team is passionate about giving back to our community," said chiropractor Dr. Kevin Blau. "This is a great opportunity to help local students and schools in need while also saying thanks to our patients for their dedicated support."

The practice will also be advising parents on how to select the right backpack for their children to reduce the risk for back problems. Among the various services offered at the practice, Dr. Blau provides pediatric care for back pain.

"In our pediatric care practice, I frequently see children struggling with chronic back pain due to overloaded backpacks," said Dr. Blau. "Since children's bodies are still developing and growing, backpacks that are weighed down with heavy textbooks can cause serious damage."

A heavily weighted backpack causes children to lean forward, which reduces balance and makes it easier for them to fall. Heavy backpacks can also distort the back's natural curves, which cause muscle strain and irritates the joints.

"Some children also like to carry backpacks on only one shoulder," said Dr. Blau. "This is never a good idea because it leads to uneven weight distribution. The spine leans to the opposite side for balance, which compresses the midsection. This can lead to serious muscle spasms and set children up for long-term back problems."

Dr. Blau cautioned that over weighted backpacks may also strain the cervical spine, causing headache, arm and neck pain.

"When selecting a backpack for children, look for lightweight canvas material and thick, padded straps," said Dr. Blau. "Straps that are at least two inches wide provide optimal support. These should be adjusted to help the backpack sit close to the body."

Heavy objects should be positioned first in the backpack so they are closest to the body. Wearing a hip strap or waist belt can also help properly distribute weight.

"If possible, choose a backpack with wheels so that children can roll it, rather than carry it," said Dr. Blau. "This dramatically reduces unnecessary back strain."

The chiropractor encourages parents with questions about children's backpacks and pediatric care to visit their Facebook for updates.


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