Espionage for Everyone: Dead Drop

Live-Action Mobile Spy Game Introduces New Social Gameplay for Consumers, New Revenue Opportunities for Brands and Local Businesses

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 1, 2012) - From Flemming to Le Carre, it's hard not to love a good spy novel or film, and gamers now have the opportunity to inhabit that world of daring international espionage, outsmarting friends, family, and coworkers, through the new iOS game Dead Drop. Dead Drop launches today as the first live-action, spy-themed social game to bring mobile gaming into the real world, introducing an entirely new social gaming experience. The goal of Dead Drop is simple: be the last man standing -- that is, eliminate all other players while avoiding elimination yourself. Dead Drop takes place within a real-world game environment that you create -- on your campus, in your city, in your neighborhood, in your park.

Dead Drop can be downloaded in the iTunes App Store here:

Dead Drop uses Google Maps to customize each game to the players' location. The game has two modes: Single player mode (Campaign) or multiplayer mode (Classic). Campaign mode sends players through a series of tasks -- assassinations, bombings, defusings, dead drops, and meeting digital characters for intel and deals. Multiplayer "Classic" mode pits players against large or small groups of people they know and associate with every day, and ends when all but one has been eliminated.

But Dead Drop isn't just for players. Dead Drop looks to partner with businesses to sponsor full single-player campaigns as well as safe houses and power-up stations in multiplayer modes. The availability of such safe houses and power-ups drives players into the refuge of partner businesses' shops for extended periods of time as players seek respite from dangerous opponents. Instead of pushing advertisements on players as apps, TV, and radio currently do, Dead Drop pushes people to advertisers, creating a huge upside for vendors, with almost unlimited growth potential -- just imagine a one hundred or more player "capture the flag" match or a colossal "cops & robbers" scenario.

The first version of the game has already been developed for iOS and will be released today in Apple's App Store. Planned updates to the game include an expanded Classic mode, the incorporation of safe-houses, the addition of two more multiplayer modes, and full Facebook integration. Cross platform Android development is also underway.

The future of Dead Drop is as bright as the glint of your brandished weapon. With dozens of classic games reimagined for players (e.g. "king of the hill" and "capture the flag") the possibilities for gameplay are limitless. Just watch your six, if you know what's good for you.

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About Dead Drop
Dead Drop is a live-action multiplayer elimination game played by groups of friends in and around their communities. Dead Drop coordinates individual and group games of any size, in which players receive live-action missions to complete in their communities. For brands and local businesses, Dead Drop provides new opportunities for in-game engagement and conversion by creating "safe houses" and other gameplay-related promotional opportunities that drive players to specific locations. Dead Drop is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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