Niyato Industries to Showcase its F-150 Compressed Natural Gas 150 at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas on August 7, 2012

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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, August 1, 2012, Aug. 1, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, August 1, 2012 Niyato Industries, Inc. announces that it will showcase its Niyato conversion of the F-150 to the Natural Gas Bi-Fuel N-150 CNG truck at the 2012 5th annual National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas Nevada on August 7, 2012.  Niyato will be one of just a few "Alternative Fuel" exhibitors at the event.  "We chose this event to showcase our vehicle to the world, the compressed natural gas light duty truck, because of the stellar group of energy experts that will be there," said James Gaiser, Niyato's Chief Marketing Officer.  It is a one-day event and the list of the speakers is outstanding and includes President Bill Clinton, Senator Harry Reid, and John Wellinghoff, Chairman of the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission, to name just a few.  Information on the summit can be found at National Clean Energy Summit 5.0.

Niyato Industries, Inc. would like to invite those interested in compressed natural gas as a fuel source for their fleets to come and visit Booth 122, which will be located adjacent to the main entrance.  Representatives from both Niyato and StarPoint USA will be on hand to answer questions and review the advantages of CNG branded as Gaz2 ™as a fuel source for the F-150 converted to the Natural Gas150.  "We expect a strong turnout by both Government Officials and companies and investors that are interested in saving money on their fleet fuel bills.  So far, interest has been off of the charts," Gaiser said.  

Niyato will be utilizing the dealer network of StarPoint USA.  StarPoint has a national network of over 500 dealerships across the United States and was the exclusive distributor for Daewoo vehicles to the US market and still provides parts and warranty administration for thousands of vehicles across the United States through its dealer network.  The President & CEO of StarPoint USA, Ben Rainwater, believes that the relationship with Niyato will create a synergy that will add value to all our partners.  "The consumer is the real winner in this agreement," Gaiser said.  "The ability to purchase a Niyato CNG vehicle at one of StarPoint's 500+ dealerships is a fantastic opportunity for the American fleet buyer," he added.  Currently, natural gas costs less than half that of gasoline.  The price of gas has been so volatile the past few years it makes sense to choose a fuel that is plentiful, cheap and produced in the USA.  Niyato CNG- Gaz2™ vehicles are good for the US, the consumer and the workforce as the company will hire 275 employees for its first plant.

Niyato will place fueling stations at each of StarPoint's dealerships to make it easy for customers to fill up their Niyato CNG -Gaz2 ™ Bi-Fuel vehicles.  The company plans to start converting Ford F150 light duty trucks first and then offer the Ford Fusion starting early 2013.  "By making it easier for customers to own, drive and fill-up their CNG -Gaz2 ™ vehicle, it will be a very easy ownership experience," Gaiser said.  Niyato will be selling its nationally branded Gaz2 ™ at each of the StarPoint dealerships. 

The convenience of filling up at local dealerships will remove any range anxiety that may have existed in the past.  Also, bi-fuel systems give the driver peace of mind that they will never be left on empty.  It's as simple as flipping a switch to change fuels.

Niyato Industries is in final negotiations with several States for its first conversion plant and expects to announce where the first plant will be located in the next two weeks.  The company CEO Leslie Stencil has secured three locations in the southern United States.  Louisiana, California, and Nevada, all have been working closely with Mr. Stencil to develop programs and incentives to help offset the costs of buying new equipment, tax abetments and the training for the hundreds of people that Niyato will hire. Within the next five years, Niyato Industries will set up a total of six major conversion plants for its manufacturing facilities.

The company is very close to making a decision on the first plant location," Gaiser said.  This is an exciting time in history for the United States as we declare our energy independence, as Niyato finalizes the infrastructure by the way of installing Gaz2 ™ fueling stations at StarPoint's retail dealerships, and mass converting the F-150 to a Bi-Fuel vehicle Natural Gas 150.

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