Pastor Corey Brooks Wins Best Community Leader; Neighborhood (Formally Known as Hoodie) Award

Chicago, Illinois, UNITED STATES

CHICAGO, Aug. 7, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Known as the Rooftop Preacher, Rev. Corey Brooks has been lauded by Mayor Rahm Emanuel as a man of God who not only "talks the talk, but walks the walk." This description of the man who spent 94 days atop the roof of an abandoned motel in the dead of a Chicago winter is even more apropos given his next endeavor. The Pastor of New Beginnings Church of Chicago and the visionary behind Project H.O.O.D. (Helping Others Obtain Destiny) took to the road BY FOOT June 5, 2012 for an over 3000 mile journey to raise awareness about violence that plagues Chicago and many urban communities and to raise funds to build a community center to aid in prevention in his own Woodlawn community. He took time off from the journey to go to Las Vegas to accept the award voted on by the hundreds of thousands of Steve Harvey morning show listeners (broadcast in Chicago on WVAZ 102.7.) The award that is highlight of the night, was announced by Morris Chestnut and Steve Harvey co-host Shirley Strawberry.

In stark contrast to the hope that Pastor Brooks has provided his and surrounding communities, as of July 31, 2012 Chicago's homicide rate has soared to 308 deaths and over 1300 shootings. The city officials have been hard pressed to provide relief to crime ridden communities looking for hope in violence prevention. Pastor Brooks, while returning under the somber circumstances, is returning home with the hope of rallying all of Chicago behind his call to action – END VIOLENCE NOW. The irony of this beacon of light, nationally recognized but still the city struggles with burying its youth on a consistent basis.

One other hope Pastor Brooks has provided Chicago is a neighborhood patrolling effort that has been used as a model by other community organizations nationwide since. HOODvasion has seen members of Brooks' congregation patrol the streets of Woodlawn every Friday and Saturday night and has netted such a decrease in violence that the area has only seen one murder since its inception. It is innovative and comprehensive measures like these that most demonstrate why Pastor Brooks is truly worthy of such a distinguished honor. The irony in his message of stopping gun violence has recently been overshadowed by the mass murders in Aurora, CO killing 12 and the 6 gun victims in the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, WI.

Brooks always says "It's time for us to stop hanging up on each other and start ganging up on the problem!"

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