TokBox First to Launch WebRTC Support

OpenTok First to Combine WebRTC, Flash and iOS in a Single Video Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 7, 2012) - TokBox today released the first support for WebRTC as part of its OpenTok Labs program, giving developers access to early-release video communications technology. The first Video Platform to support WebRTC, OpenTok will automatically detect a user's device, browser capabilities and network quality to optimize the video quality using any combination of cloud-routed or peer-to-peer, Flash or WebRTC technologies.

These developments are being built into the OpenTok Platform, so the 50,000 partners who have used the platform since it launched last year will not need to update their web applications at all.

TokBox also released an advanced SDK for iOS, which enables optimized video communications over 3G and 4G cellular networks as well as WiFi and MiFi environments. It features adaptive video bit rate which dynamically adjusts bit rate and resolution to compensate for varying network conditions.

TokBox CEO, Ian Small, commented: "This is the first time a platform is unifying these disparate video technologies, detecting each participants' capabilities and automatically applying the best technology. It's a big step forward for a cloud-based video platform to take advantage of whatever technology is installed, without the need for a plugin or downloads."

"With the growing fragmentation of devices, browsers and networks, maintaining a great user experience can be technically extremely difficult. But as interest in face-to-face video continues to grow, users demand and deserve a quality experience. By embracing upcoming technologies like WebRTC and driving our mobile implementations forward, our goal with OpenTok is for anyone to be able to add HQ video into their site or service without becoming an expert in video."

The iOS SDK is available for developers to build with for production use immediately; WebRTC support is being launched in early-access form to developers through the OpenTok Labs program. To find out more visit

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