'Tornado Kid' Teaches Children 5 Global Values

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Aug 14, 2012) - The most important values for children to learn, as future employees and human beings, are not being taught in school, says Rakesh Malhotra, author of "Adventures of Tornado Kid, Whirling Back Home Towards Timeless Values" (www.FiveGlobalValues.com).

"I have worked in several countries, recruiting, hiring, training and retaining employees," he says. "I found that in every culture, the same core values play a key role in the success of both employees and the corporation."

He calls them the five Global Values: Responsibility, Compassion, Integrity, Peace and Love.

"They are both taught and instilled in children through role modeling, positive reinforcement, discussion and experiencing the consequences when these values don't pay a role in a decision or action," Malhotra says. "It would be wonderful if they were also taught in school, but for now, it's up to parents, mentors and other adults who understand their importance."

Amazon book reviewer Adelaide B. wrote that the book entertained her child while also teaching.

"The storyline draws you in and as you read the book, you learn the five values along with the characters," she wrote. "The author is spot on when he says that these values are timeless and move across cultural divides. My daughter absolutely loved the story and I loved that we can keep it going with the parent guide in the back. We've had some great dialogue about the book, and have lots more we can still do with it!"

Reviewer SCC says "Tornado Kid" is a great conversation facilitator.

"I am so pleased with this book!" she wrote. "I am not only happy that my tween daughter was able to read (it) ... I am also so pleased at what reading it did for me personally and for our relationship.

"The story, parent guide and discussion topics are designed to put important values in front of you and give you and your family easy, practical ways to understand them and live them."

About Rakesh Malhotra

Rakesh Malhotra has worked in, lived in or traveled to more than 40 countries. During this time, he studied human behavior in relation to core values as a means of hiring, promoting and managing effectively. He focused on what influences performance and what makes some employees perform at a higher level than others. Rakesh is also the Founder of Five Global Values (www.fiveglobalvalues.com).

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