Santa Monica Chiropractor Aims Therapeutic Laser at Chronic Pain, Injury

Santa Monica, California, UNITED STATES

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Aug. 26, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Santa Monica residents who suffer from chronic pain or seek speedy recovery from an injury may find help from a high-tech option at a local chiropractic clinic. Joga Chiropractic Center includes a technique known as laser therapy among its arsenal of other services. According to the clinic's practitioner, Dr. Viktoria Joga, this type of therapy works by pointing a laser directly at the source of pain or injury. The laser light penetrates below the skin to improve cell metabolism and circulation while providing drug-free pain relief.

"The laser we use isn't like a surgical laser, which actually cuts and cauterizes the skin to aid in surgical procedures," explains Dr. Joga. "This device is what we call a Class IV Laser or 'K laser.' It emits light at a different frequency than a surgical laser and passes right through the epidermal layer without cutting, burning or harming tissues in any way."

Dr. Joga states that laser therapy relieves pain and encourages healing through a variety of mechanisms. On the cellular level, the amplified light stimulates impaired or damaged cells to produce more ATP, an essential substance for cell repair and function. The laser also warms the area, boosting the blood flow so that more oxygen and other nutrients necessary for tissue repair can make their way to the injury site.

"Improved circulation also allows inflammatory substances and toxins to exit the tissues more quickly, resulting in significant relief from pain and inflammation," adds Dr. Joga. The laser can also improve nerve function, a vital advantage in the fight against chronic neck pain, back pain or other pain symptoms. Just as acupuncture relieves pain by stimulating specific points to re-route abnormal nerve signaling, precise application of laser light appears to stimulate and normalize nerve function.

The clinic employs this form of therapy alongside spinal adjustment, massage and other techniques to treat a wide variety of health challenges. Conditions that may respond favorably to laser therapy include soft tissue injuries such as tennis elbow and muscle strains, degenerative joint conditions such as arthritis, and neurological or myofascial pain conditions such fibromyalgia and post-injury nerve problems.

Dr. Joga emphasizes that the treatment is not painful; in fact, she claims that many of her patients begin to feel relief from their back pain, neck pain or other symptoms very quickly. Even patients suffering from incurable pain conditions may be able to control their pain through periodic laser sessions. "We're excited that this therapy allows patients with all kinds of pain conditions to feel better and enjoy their daily activities without the need for constant pain medication," she says.

Joga Chiropractic Center provides spinal adjustments for relief of back pain and neck pain, massage therapy, core training, prenatal care, physiotherapy and family wellness care.


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