Free Service Protects Kids Online as They Return to School

Cocoon Posts Top 5 Back-to-School Internet Threats

Santa Barbara, CA, Aug. 28, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Back-to-school season means back to homework, back to research on Internet sites and back to increased vulnerability online. But it doesn't have to be that way according to Cocoon, a leading online security service that has identified weak passwords and online tracking as among the "Top Five" online hazards as kids return back to the classroom.  

"The predators out there have certainly embraced new technology," says Marc Klaas, founder of the KlaasKids Foundation. "Parents and children need to be aware of online threats and protect themselves through education, tools and best practices. Cocoon's solutions offer an immediate chance to address some of those threats while protecting from marketers who might be unduly tracking our kids."

It is estimated that nearly half a million children will use digital textbooks this year, millions more will be required to do homework and research online, and all this while they download new apps and add new Facebook friends. As students return to school and their Internet use increases, they can become more vulnerable to online tracking and predators.

Cocoon, a leading provider of online security and privacy tools for computers, iPhones and iPads, provides a free service that protects people from being tracked and profiled, even from Facebook. Cocoon also shields the family computer from harmful downloads of viruses and malware.
In addition to providing free and premium tools developed to mitigate Internet risks, Cocoon offers online security and privacy information. Today, Cocoon posted its Top 5 Back-to-School Internet Security Threats to help parents educate their children and avoid online threats, including:
1.              Weak Passwords
2.              Online Tracking 
3.              Malware
4.              Mobile App Risks
5.              Unsecured Wi-Fi
For the complete list, go to:
Cocoon partners with child safety organizations to provide additional resources to protect kids online. Earlier this month, Cocoon announced a new collaboration with child-safety advocate Marc Klaas' KlaasKids Foundation that aims to harness the power of social networking to protect children from predators and abusive marketers. Cocoon also works with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and has implemented an automated "blacklist" updated daily to block online content that exploits children.
About Cocoon:
Cocoon is a free, all-in-one plugin developed by Virtual World Computing of Santa Barbara, California. In addition to its iOS app called GetCocoon, Cocoon offers versions for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Cocoon's core business model is built on trust, and its mission is to put the user in control of their Internet experience by ensuring that their computer and personal information are secure and protected from malicious attacks, unwanted spam, and invasions of privacy.  


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