IOCOM Announces Linux Support for Visimeet

Offering Full Cross Platform Video Conferencing and Collaboration


CHICAGO, Aug. 29, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IOCOM, a leading provider of universal video conferencing solutions, today announced general availability for Linux users of its industry-leading visual collaboration platform, Visimeet. This development allows Linux users to break free from previous video conferencing constraints by providing true "any to any" connectivity and collaboration, be it on desktops, workstations, conference rooms or mobile devices.

Linux is widely used for many data intensive applications including 3D graphics creation, graphic modeling, and seismic data manipulation as well as many web applications. Common industries for Linux users include media and entertainment, energy, education, government and research organizations. Now these users can have real time, multi-party meetings on a scheduled or ad hoc basis using Visimeet to share data and processes with users on other computing platforms, improving efficiencies, and speeding decision-making in an affordable manner.

"We are pleased to support the varied use cases of our customer base, and this new development demonstrates our continued focus on providing the most seamless user experience possible across all computing platforms", offers Jon Swanson, Chief Technology Officer at IOCOM. Visimeet is a powerful video conferencing and collaboration tool that scales from desktop users with a single camera to high definition (HD) Telepresence conference rooms with multiple cameras all using the same software and interface. Leveraging one common interface, Visimeet supports Windows, Macintosh, Android, iOS and now Linux end users.

Some of the leading requirements causing customers to choose Visimeet include:

  • Unified interface across all platforms
  • Full interoperability with other H323/SIP/Telephony devices driving greater collaboration
  • Ability to share data with any other device from your workstation
  • Multi-party participation with high quality audio/video and independent controls

"The Linux user base is typically highly demanding as they drive innovative initiatives in their respective roles and industries," adds Gary Refka, Vice President of Support and Operations for IOCOM. "The overhead and restrictions of other operating systems have been overcome by Linux, and we are proud to be able to bring another rich application to their toolsets. Whether it's reducing the time it takes to find ample oil supplies with complex seismology or building video games faster, our diverse user base now has more weapons to compete."

Visimeet is a software-based solution that keeps people connected through video, audio, and data conferencing and works with any internet-enabled endpoint, including room systems, desktop PCs, notebooks, and mobile devices. IOCOM focuses on delivering high performance solutions that provide superior quality audio and video without the cost and complexity of proprietary systems.

The company has announced support for the RedHat, CentOS, Scientific, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and Mint Linux distributions, with support for more versions planned.  To try Visimeet free for 30 days, visit


Founded in 1998, IOCOM develops, markets, and supports enterprise video conferencing and collaboration software and solutions that enable multi-point communication for business processes. IOCOM delivers innovative on-premise and cloud based solutions that enable multiple groups or individuals to instantly collaborate anytime and anywhere over their chosen medium. IOCOM is the first collaboration software company to integrate high performance multiple data and video windows with high performance audio. To learn more, visit

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