Photo Release -- VYCON Expands Growth in Latin America With Environmentally Friendly Energy Storage Solutions -- Appoints Alejandro Cantu to Lead

Latin America Markets Demand Sustainable Options as Data Center Growth Surges

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 12, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VYCON (, a designer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly, high-speed energy storage flywheel systems, today announced that it expanding its presence in the Latin America region with its award-winning VDC-XE and its higher current model, VDC-XE HC clean energy storage solutions. To capitalize on the growing need for reliable, clean energy storage and better serve customers, VYCON has appointed seasoned regional sales manager, Alejandro Cantu, to lead the sales efforts in Latin America. VYCON will showcase its award-winning flywheel solutions at Datacenter Dynamics in Brazil (October 1-2, 2012) and in Mexico City (October 23rd).

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Throughout the Latin America region growth and development of data centers is increasing, along with the demand for uninterruptible power systems (UPSs). According to IMS Research, growth of three-phase power protection units is expected to continue in Latin America especially with the help of government and infrastructure investments in Brazil and Mexico. "Brazil presents the best opportunity for three-phase UPS growth," said IMS Research Market Analyst Lori Lewis. "With an economically healthier middle class, more individuals are able to take advantage of modern day information technology and mobile computing devices resulting in exponentially growing computing and data storage needs. Three-phase UPSs going into data centers will have to grow just as fast in order to keep up with all of this increased demand."

VYCON's award-winning flywheel systems are deployed by data centers around the globe and are the perfect complement to UPSs, replacing space- and maintenance-intensive batteries. Protecting servers against power problems is common in data centers, however being able to do this in a more reliable and environmentally friendly way is getting the attention of organizations that want to institute green initiatives without sacrificing reliability.

"The need for reliable energy storage, energy efficiency as well as implementing green initiatives is rapidly increasing in Latin America and we look forward to our continued growth in the region," said Frank DeLattre, President of VYCON. "Alejandro brings a wealth of experience and sales success in power quality and will be instrumental to us in growing our business in Latin America."

Traditionally, UPSs rely on lead-acid batteries to provide temporary power to keep servers running during a power disturbance. However, lead-acid batteries are toxic, require frequent maintenance and expensive cooling. Flywheels rely on kinetic energy and therefore are inherently greener and safer. Moreover, VYCON's patented technology enables the flywheels to charge and discharge at high rates for countless cycles without degradation throughout their 20-year life – unlike traditional batteries. This combined with no bearing replacement, no cooling and small footprint makes the VYCON clean energy storage system the ideal solution for data centers.

"As someone who has managed global accounts and distributors in Latin America for quite some time, I'm excited to join VYCON and create opportunities and growth within this region," said Cantu. "Power quality and reliability is a top concern for data centers in Latin America. With the accelerated grown of data centers and a trend toward sustainability, VYCON has the opportunity to be at the center of this growth."

VYCON's VDC-XE (Xtended Energy) supplies up to 300kW of DC power within a single cabinet. For longer run times and higher power capacities, the UL listed VDC-XE models can be easily paralleled without special communications links or control systems for supporting megawatt load applications. For extended power outages, the VDC will provide ride-through protection to seamlessly transfer to a standby engine generator and provide continuous uninterrupted power.

Tested and compatible with all major brands of three-phase UPS systems and available from VYCON's global channel partners, the VDC units feature a 20-year life and minimal maintenance requirements. Featuring optimized power electronics for significantly improved power density, the energy storage systems replace traditional lead-acid backup batteries used with UPS systems – providing users with a smarter and greener approach to power protection.

Providing clean ride-through backup power that is fast, predictable and seamless, VYCON's flywheels offer a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than traditional battery-reliant UPS systems offering reliable and environmentally friendly on-demand power.

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Founded in 2002, VYCON is an innovator in the design and manufacture of advanced flywheel energy storage systems. VYCON's flywheels are used around the world to provide a highly reliable, cost-effective and "green" energy storage solution for a variety of mission-critical applications. Tested and compatible with three-phase UPS systems from all major UPS companies worldwide, VYCON's patented technology enables its flywheel products to be the most reliable, longest lasting and virtually maintenance free systems on the market today. Recognized as one of America's fastest growing companies on the Inc. 500 list for the past two years, VYCON is a leader in the Power Quality marketplace providing clean uninterrupted power for data centers, healthcare, mobile power, industrial, broadcast and gaming applications.

As a result of VYCON's patented technologies and integration engineering expertise, VYCON's flywheels can be packaged for energy re-cycling applications like port container cranes, traction power in rail as well as for wind power and smart grid energy storage. Key to VYCON's flywheel superiority and dependability is its ability to discharge and recharge frequently and continuously. VYCON's fleet of VDC, VDC-XE and REGEN systems have recorded seven and half million discharge and recharge cycles in very demanding applications.

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