Test Your Memory for Free During National Test Your Memory Week, September 16-22


MADISON, Wis., Sept. 14, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quincy Bioscience, manufacturer of the all-natural memory supplement, Prevagen, is excited to announce "National Test Your Memory Week", the week of September 16th-22nd. Anyone over the age of 40 is urged to participate in National Test Your Memory Week by taking the Free Online Memory Test and receive a free bottle of the proven memory supplement Prevagen®.

There are 78 million "baby boomers" in the United States, many of whom rank memory loss as their number one fear associated with aging. By the age of 40, two-thirds of Americans experience occasional memory lapses, and by age 65, 25% suffer from mild cognitive impairment.

Quincy Bioscience has created National Test Your Memory Week to increase awareness of the importance for adults to take an active role in improving their brain health so they don't have to fear losing their memories as they age.

The Free Online Memory Test is a self-administered memory rating tool in which participants answer specific questions associated with common memory challenges. The Free Online Memory Test is designed to be taken at regular intervals, which allows participants to see trends in their scores, whether positive or negative.

Benefits of the Free Online Memory Test include: it is free; it is confidential—only participants have access to their scores and can choose who to share their results with; and participants receive an email reminder each month prompting them to retake the Free Online Memory Test. Most importantly, when taken monthly, the Free Online Memory Test can show trends towards improvement in memory as well as show areas of concern and alert participants when it might be time to seek professional advice.

"Assessing your memory regularly is essential to achieving better brain health," says neuroscientist Mark Underwood. "Testing monthly is the best way to discover areas of your memory that could use improvement, and it can also show any advancement you have made."

Learn more about the Free Online Memory Test and take the first step towards better brain health by visiting www.freeonlinememorytest.com.

About Quincy Bioscience

Quincy Bioscience is a biotechnology company based in Madison, Wisconsin focused on the discovery and development of novel compounds to improve cognitive performance and therapeutics to treat age related memory loss and diseases of aging. The company's technology focuses on restoring calcium balance related to neurodegenerative disorders and other destructive age-related mechanisms. Quincy Bioscience was recently ranked #398 in the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies in America.

About Prevagen                                                                                                                               

Prevagen® is an over-the-counter supplement proven to improve domains of cognitive function, such as learning, short-term memory, and word recall in adults over 40 years old who have memory concerns.  Published studies have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of apoaequorin, the active ingredient in Prevagen.  Prevagen is available nationwide at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, and independent health food stores.

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