Natural Power and Energy Launches Solar Home Challenge to Advance Solar Industry in Arizona

Free, Innovative App Program Shows Homeowners They Can Go Solar Without Utility Subsidies

Scottsdale, Arizona, UNITED STATES

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Sept. 18, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Natural Power and Energy, a Scottsdale-based community provider of high-quality solar systems and specialized services, today unveiled a pilot program that is the first of its kind in Arizona to offer residential customers solar systems free from utility subsides and the long-term restrictions that come with receiving them. The new Solar Home Challenge is an innovative residential solar program that aims to replace historically low up-front utility incentives with proportionally lower installation costs. To achieve this, Natural Power and Energy developed the free Solar Home Challenge web application, which uses satellite imagery and energy use information to help homeowners easily create their own solar proposal using their personal computer or tablet device. The Solar Home Challenge web application can be accessed at

Solar Home Challenge Highlights

  • The Solar Home Challenge web application lets users build a profile of their home with satellite imagery and energy use information to generate a detailed estimate of their solar potential and realistic savings.
  • The application even determines the best solar configuration for their property.
  • Users can view a customized savings report without committing to a traditional sales call. After reviewing their report, users can share it with family and friends using an email or social media account. The user can also opt to receive more information via a detailed proposal from a Natural Power and Energy representative, or one if its vetted local installation partners.

How Solar Savings Are Achieved Without Subsidies

By removing the administrative costs and uncertainty associated with erratic utility incentive programs, Natural Power and Energy replaces rapidly falling subsidies with proportionately lower up-front costs, especially when the homeowner's tax bill on these subsidies is considered. The Solar Home Challenge web-based platform helps replace utility subsidies by streamlining sales and marketing costs, and passing the efficiencies on to customers. Because homeowners self-qualify their interest, sales and technical staff only get involved at the customer's invitation, eliminating unnecessary and costly front-end sales calls.

Other Key Facts

  • The Solar Home Challenge platform is currently only available as a pilot in Arizona.
  • Arizona is home to some of the lowest energy costs in the U.S. and Natural Power and Energy's residential market launch sends a clear signal about the long-term viability of solar energy.

Supporting Quotes:

  • Rob Dallal, CEO of Natural Power and Energy: "Natural Power and Energy has a big vision for where the U.S. solar industry should go in the face of dwindling utility incentives nationwide. We believe that solar can, and will, stand on its own two feet, which is why we've invested in the Solar Home Challenge program. The innovative free App empowers interested homeowners to virtually explore their potential savings from installing a solar system, while learning the basics and being social about it at the same time."
  • Matt Shannon, VP of Sales and Marketing, Natural Power and Energy: "The Solar Home Challenge gives homeowners access to the same level of service offered to our corporate customers. We constantly evaluate our manufacturer partners for quality and balance sheet strength, financing partners for the best financing terms and installation partners for quality track record and customer service to ensure consistent, high quality service to our customers."

Supporting Resources:

  • For more details on residential solar potential, please visit or call (480) 663-3937.

About Natural Power and Energy

Natural Power and Energy is a leading Community Solar Provider that has developed or installed over 10 million watts of solar generation capacity (equivalent to over 1,300 average homes). Since 2008, Natural Power and Energy has provided solar solutions for homeowners, businesses, non-profits, and schools in Arizona and California, with clients such as Banner Health, Goodwill Industries of Southern California and National Bank of Arizona. The company was ranked #3 on the ACE List of Fastest Growing Companies in Arizona for 2012. For more information, please visit

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