South Valley Animal Clinic and Equine Wellness Raising Awareness of Senior Pet Needs

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Sept. 23, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- South Valley Animal Clinic and Equine Wellness announced that the veterinary animal hospital is offering pet owners discounted senior pet care for a limited time only. This special promotion is available for pet owners who are interested in increasing the active years in their pet. Pet owners will enjoy discounted senior pet services during the month of October and November. According to veterinarian Dr. William Heite, the clinic is offering these discounts in an effort to bring awareness to the importance of routine senior pet care. Dr. Heite says that older pets benefit from senior exams because they allow for early disease detection and a greater range of treatment options.

Los Lunas and South Valley veterinarian Dr. William Heite is working to educate pet owners about the importance of senior feline and canine veterinary services. According to Dr. Heite, pets begin to age more rapidly between the ages of five to eight years. Semi-annual wellness visits and diagnostic screening can help detect chronic illnesses before a pet's health is compromised.

"Senior pet exams are an important part of South Valley pet veterinary care," said Dr. Heite. "As pets age, many pet owners may notice a general slowing down, thanks to a decline in sight, hearing or smell. What pet owners can't see are the aging changes occurring inside to a pet's internal organs. Diagnostic tests and our senior exams help evaluate these changes and their impact on a pet's well being."

In an effort to raise awareness about the importance of senior pet care, South Valley Animal Clinic and Equine Wellness is offering specials on senior pet services for October and November. Dr. Donna Trent-Heite, a veterinarian at the animal hospital, is hoping pet owners will take advantage of this affordable opportunity to check-in on their pets' health.

"Thanks to diagnostic blood work, we have been able to detect health problems earlier for our senior pet patients," said Dr. Trent-Heite. "Just like in humans, this early detection has made a tremendous difference for treating these health problems. For many pets, we are able to naturally manage age-related health problems through dietary changes, lifestyle changes and a minimal use of medication. This allows pets to continue living a full, active life."

The animal clinic focuses on detecting and treating senior arthritis, thyroid imbalances, age-related cardiovascular problems and cancer. According to the veterinarians, a geriatric care program not only can extend a pet's life, but it can also improve the overall quality.

In addition to senior exams, the pet hospital provides comprehensive pet veterinary care services. These services include dog and cat vaccines, equine wellness care, and dentistry. The veterinarians also offer at-home and farm visits.

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