Profile Defenders Reviews Presidential Race Sentiment of Romney vs. Obama

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - Sep 25, 2012) - Renowned Online Reputation Management Firm Profile Defenders has recently announced that they will be using their cutting edge technology to review public sentiment towards the upcoming presidential election. Considering how evenly divided the current race is, Profile Defender's review will go a long way towards determining which candidate, Romney or Obama, is currently favored by the masses using their proprietary technology.

Profile Defenders have spent many years repairing the online reputations of individuals and small business owners afflicted by negative and malicious listings posted on the Internet. Their representatives have devised a fool proof system by which they can quickly identify the sources of slander and eradicate them. The company has also developed a myriad of tools designed to help them understand the inner workings of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Now Profile Defenders will be using these tools and methods for a different purpose: to determine how strongly for or against people feel about presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. By conducting a thorough search of the Internet, they will be able to accurately determine what issues people care the most about, and how well they feel the candidates will handle them.

They'll also be able to get a good idea of who will actually win the election. Many websites have conducted public opinion polls, but Profile Defenders plans to go a step forward. As a representative recently stated, "We have all the tools and technologies at our disposal to accurately predict which candidate will come out on top." Profile Defenders plans to compile data from a variety of sources, including social media and popular news sites, rank them by relevance and then perform a thorough analysis of its findings.

One interesting factoid that they released already is that the official Barack Obama website has 28,828 +1's to Mitt Romney's 2,350. Of course you have to factor in Obamas 4 year run in office and the press he has picked up on Google Plus prior to Mitt Romney. Profile Defenders is making sure to also measure the Google plus ones from the start of the campaigns for the respective nominees. Other intriguing measures that Profile Defenders is examining is the overall search volume for the presidential candidates, sentiment online, tweets, the suggested Google searches and what that says about the public's opinion and investigation into controversial matters.

All told, the public may not have to wait until Election Day to determine who is going to win the 2012 Presidential Race.

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