Dotcom Distribution Doubles Capacity to Meet Growth Demands of eCommerce Client Base

Leading Fulfillment and Logistics Firm Expands to Nearly 1 Million Square Feet of Capacity, Scaling Up to Accommodate Explosive Growth in the eCommerce Marketplace

Edison, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

EDISON, N.J., Sept. 27, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dotcom Distribution, a premier provider of fulfillment & logistics solutions, today announced it has expanded its real estate base to nearly 1 million square feet, effectively doubling its warehouse capacity and enabling the company to meet the rapid growth requirements of its highly innovative eCommerce clients.

With the eCommerce sector experiencing sustained 15-20 percent year-over-year growth rates, online retailers, and investors alike, are sensitive to the need for scalability in fulfillment and logistics services. Scalability is a particular concern as the industry heads into the holiday shopping season, since vendors that lack the capacity to handle a high volume of orders during the Q4 rush can severely jeopardize annual client revenue targets and other brand objectives.

The role of fulfillment in customer retention is also emerging as a key issue for both B2B and B2C eCommerce brands. Statistically, online retailers are three times more likely to sell products to existing customers as they are to convert new prospects, and it costs seven times as much to acquire a new eCommerce customer as it does to keep a current one. By partnering with proven vendors, eCommerce brands can accommodate rapid growth without risking their relationships with existing customers.

"We understand the importance of scalability in outsourced fulfillment and logistics," said Bill Follett, CEO, Dotcom Distribution. "The fastest growing eCommerce brands, many of which are Dotcom clients, need to be confident that their packaging and shipping vendor has the resources to grow alongside their companies. Dotcom provides that confidence by equipping our clients with the resources they need to keep pace with exponential growth."

Dotcom's clients represent some of the most rapidly expanding eCommerce companies, including Fab, Birchbox, Bliss, Totsy and Ideeli. Another widely recognized Dotcom client, INTERMIX, has experienced phenomenal growth in both online and offline sales. In addition to 30 physical store locations throughout the U.S., the multi-brand fashion retailer's eCommerce footprint has expanded substantially, driving the need for reliable logistics and fulfillment services.

"Adaptability is critical," said Jeremy Levine, vice president of eCommerce, INTERMIX. "As we continue to expand, INTERMIX needs a trusted fulfillment and logistics partner capable of aligning with our growth curve. Dotcom's expansion will help us continue to provide a high level of service to our customers and will allow for our continued, rapid growth."

As a premier provider, Dotcom offers a comprehensive range of services that bring speed and precision to the fulfillment and logistics process. From warehousing and inventory management to same-day pack & ship and seamless integration with backend ERP/front-end eCommerce platforms, Dotcom offers a scope of services designed for the challenges of the current eCommerce marketplace.

About Dotcom Distribution

Dotcom Distribution is the premier provider of logistics and fulfillment services to growing retailers & manufacturers. Industry pioneers such as Fab, Ideeli, Birchbox, Bliss, INTERMIX, and Totsy trust in Dotcom's boutique feel, enterprise scale and management team to ensure their customers receive the highest quality packaging & delivery, while preserving the brand experience all the way through to the customer's front door. Dotcom's facility enables typical clients to achieve same-day order shipping and an average 1-3 day delivery times via UPS Ground to 75% of the US population – all while delivering on custom packaging solutions which resell the brand experience at that critical final mile delivery.

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