The Power of Pink: TLK Fusion Presents Pink Products for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 4, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As we all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), which has been represented by the pink ribbon for over 25 years. The color pink symbolizes femininity coupled with the hope and strength represented by the ribbon. For the month of October, TLK Fusion would like to share with you some pink, playful, and profound products from our clients, beginning with an entire skincare line specifically created for cancer patients and survivors.

Skincare frustrations are overwhelming for the majority of survivors. Wai HopeTM Organic Skincare was created by a breast cancer survivor for others going through exactly what she herself has gone through. Vincene Parrinello tailored Wai HopeTM specifically to individuals with sensitive skin as a result of illness or medications, such as chemotherapy. One of her products, Pure Hope Organic Cleanser, is paraben-free and so gentle it doubles as an eye makeup remover. Along with cleansing, this product hydrates and conditions the skin. Not only is it in the name, Hope is one of the ingredients, and if you purchase any Wai HopeTM products during the month of October, a percentage of the proceeds will go toward those fighting cancer.

As survivors use Wai HopeTMproducts to keep their skin at its best, Bella Semplice miracle anti-aging facial and eye masks can provide at-home restoration with the effects of a rejuvenating facial by raising saturation levels to 92% in less than five minutes. Among the four face masks and two under eye masks, is a pretty-in-pink Rose Moisture Mineral Facial Mask for normal to dry skin that specifically helps regenerate cells, moisturizes, detoxifies, reduces lines & wrinkles, evens skin tone, and builds elasticity. Through trials, this pink product worked hydrating wonders for cancer survivor's skin during treatments that negatively affect the skin.

Negative skin effects aren't the only physical side effects of chemotherapy. Weight variations can provide an equal amount of frustration and distress to those battling cancer and going through chemotherapy. The Quantum ScaleTM is a revolutionary breed of scales that never shows your weight, just how much you've lost or gained since you first weighed yourself on your personal Quantum ScaleTM. This scale is a wonderful product for women who are fighting breast cancer and just want to keep track of their weight fluctuations without the negative connotations of normal scales. The Quantum ScaleTMcomes in 6 colors, including, the color of the month, pink.

The last client that we'd like to share with you is, a company focusing on app marketing. features an app called The Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Prevention App that helps individuals monitor breast health using the following features: when to conduct breast self-exams, a sketch track to remind you of concern areas for your next check, as well as a mammogram reminder and other related tools for breast health. A perfect app for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

TLK Fusion wants to take a moment to thank our clients who have created products specifically for cancer survivors and others that have shown to positively affect survivors and support the color pink. Together, imagine what could happen if we all Just Think a Little Pink.

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