GeoEdge Expands Activities throughout Germany with its Fast and Reliable Proxy Network in Major City Centers

Online media professionals can now monitor and verify ads and track competitor activities that target metro-based German users

Providence, Rhode Island, UNITED STATES

Providence, RI, Oct. 11, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ( -- GeoEdge, the largest professional proxy network in the world, today announced the addition of Germany's largest cities, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hannover, Nuremberg, and Munich to its list of premium proprietary proxy servers. The addition significantly enhances GeoEdge's position as the world's leading, fastest and most reliable proxy network boasting private servers in 110+ global locations throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

"At long last, online media professionals will have the tools they need to monitor and verify their own ads and track competitors' geo-targeted activities inside Germany's largest cities," says Amnon Siev, VP Product Management at GeoEdge. "Now we can provide a complete toolset to view, monitor and analyze web and mobile ads and content that target city-based German users, without them having to be physically located in any one of these cities," he adds.

The GeoEdge toolset enables global publishers, ad networks, SEM/SEO agencies and online media professionals to view web content on a geographical basis from virtually any location in the world, exactly as it is displayed to web and mobile viewers in that specific location. Further, users can view geo-targeted ads and campaigns, simplify their QA and resolve location-specific compliance issues, view organic search results and associated ads targeted to specific locations, and easily track competitors' geo-targeted activity.

GeoEdge offers secure, reliable and precise geo-location web surfing tools. Available as a Firefox add-on or Chrome extension, GeoEdge's user-friendly proxy toolbars come with a built-in browser/mobile emulator that lets users see global web content  exactly as it would appear on any mobile device in that precise geo-location. Further, GeoEdge provides private and secure VPN service via its premium proxy network, just as it serves Android users with fast and easy access to the world's largest mobile proxy service through its own app.


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