Herbal Extracts Producer Euromed USA Earns 'Green' Gold Star

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwire - Oct 15, 2012) - Euromed USA has earned the "green" ISO 14001 certification by meeting stringent criteria established by the world International Standardization Organization, says president Joe Veilleux, (www.euromed.es).

"Being a producer of natural ingredients for pharmaceuticals and health supplements, we've always held environmentalism as a major company value," says Veilleux, a registered pharmacist.

The company spent $1 million to $2 million on upgrades, and implemented other no-cost changes, over five years to earn the rating for its Barcelona factory, which supplies extracts and natural active ingredients to U.S. manufacturers. The International Standardization Organization's certifications are recognized by hundreds of countries around the world.

"Some of the steps we took cost little to nothing; others were expensive. But all companies today need to be aware that consumers are looking at what they're doing to -- and for -- the planet, and they're making buying decisions based on that," Veilleux says.

Among the changes:

  • Recycling biomass - the company's manufacturing waste product. "Much of the residue is sent to companies that specialize in creating bio-gas -- specifically, methane, which is used to generate power," he says. "However, the residue left from milk thistle has such a high nutritional value, it's actually used to feed farm animals."

  • Wood pallets become compost. Wooden pallets are reused until they can't be used any longer. Then, they're turned into composting products.

  • Printer toners get refilled. Empty toner cartridges are shipped to the company's supplier, where they're recharged and returned for use.

  • Cleaner air and water. The company purchased new equipment to accomplish these goals, including on-site wastewater treatment and water purification plants, and equipment to decrease atmospheric emissions.

"We're excited about the certification because it verifies that we're one of the world's leaders in environmentally friendly production," Veilleux says. "That's very important to us -- we rely on plants, the Earth's natural, renewable resources, not only for our business but for our personal health."

About Euromed USA

Euromed USA supplies standardized botanical and herbal extracts and natural active substances for use in the pharmaceutical, health food and cosmetics industries. By extracting the necessary chemicals, the company can guarantee its products meet the precise chemical specifications necessary. Euromed was founded 40 years ago. Its parent company is the 100-year-old Rottapharm-Madaus corporation based in Italy.

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