Standalone Version of IPro Audience Database Builder Now Available

Proven publishing system's open-source interface works with WordPress or Drupal CMS to build a comprehensive, real-time audience database

St. Paul, Oct. 23, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In response to customer demand, IProduction now offers its unique audience database builder as a standalone service for online publishers using WordPress or Drupal content management systems. IProADB solves the problem of audience data scattered among silos--CMS, fulfillment, event management, newsletter distribution, etc.--by gathering data in real time into a single audience database accessible by all of the publisher's audience-facing applications.

"Today we can collect more data from online readers than we ever could in print," says IProduction President Steve Laliberte. "Knowing what publications and even what articles they read, what newsletters they've registered for, and what whitepapers they download lets you reach and serve readers in ways you never could in print.

"The problem is that too many readers are completely unknown, and those you know leave information in half a dozen different systems. If your event management system knows what they signed up for last week but your CMS doesn't, you're missing a huge opportunity to target them for advertisers and for your own product sales."

IProADB is a cloud-based system that communicates via web services with the publisher's CMS and other applications. IProADB collects data from all those systems as it is generated and eliminates the cost of developing scripts to merge data, along with the delay of running and supporting such batch processes. It frees up IT department resources and puts all reader data in one place, where it is easy to secure and easy to access. And, IProADB eliminates reader frustration at being asked to enter the same data over and over as they move within and among a publisher's various sites.

"Besides the audience database builder we can provide many of the other applications online publishers use, like CMS, email, and lead management," says Laliberte. "But we can also work with the ones they already have -- including WordPress and Drupal. The one thing we can do that those systems can't is pull together all the data they collect and make it available to every one of them from the moment it is collected. That lets each of them do what they do best but do it even better."

IPro Audience Database Builder can be the basis for a conversion/monetization architecture, a process of converting unknown readers to known registrants or subscribers and then strengthening that relationship as the reader becomes better known. This allows the system to fine-tune the presentation of content, paid products, advertising, and sponsored content and events. Better targeting, in turn, yields better results and supports higher rates for more productive advertising.

In addition to Audience Database Builder, IProduction offers planning services for audience database development. Each plan is individualized, starting with the publisher's properties, resources, and existing applications. The planning process then explores options for system development and produces a set of documents outlining goals, options, responsibilities, and costs. IProduction offers a free audience database planning guide available at

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