New Enhancements On Fisher Labs iGEN LE Digital Night Vision Viewer/Camera

Glen Burnie, Maryland, UNITED STATES

El Paso, TX, Oct. 30, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fisher Research Labs has begun shipping a new and upgraded iGEN LE night vision viewer/camera, now with two lenses standard.  The primary lens is unchanged, a 42 mm objective lens with 2.6 magnification.  Additionally, the iGEN LE will now ship with a telephoto lens that can attach to the basic lens. The combination of the two lenses together will provide an overall magnification of 6X.  Inside the iGEN is a new enhanced sensor that allows for more gain with less noise, better contrast and overall a clearer image. 

This monocular replaces the traditional intensifier tube found in Gen 2 night vision with a microprocessor and CCD sensor. The result is that the price of night vision is dramatically reduced ($1299 MSRP) while adding image processing and the ability to take a picture. The iGEN LE offers stunning resolution and superior image output that is ideal for surveillance and evidence collection. The all glass 2.6x lens provides 70-ft field of view and ambient light amplification up to 650 times. This night vision monocular can be connected to real-time video, making it possible to record day and night activity. With built-in Infrared IntelligenceTM, wattage adjusts automatically as needed for varying levels of darkness. User adjustable exposure time, variable display brightness and color output choices. Powered by four AA batteries. Ships with a compact tripod and car window mount, adjustable neck strap and protective carrying case. Made in USA.

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Richard Cappiello

Global Director of Security Sales

Fisher Research Labs


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