Verify Markets Reports: Total Cookware Market Due for Growth in Asia

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Nov. 8, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Verify markets reports that the market for top-of-stove cookware has been growing rampantly in the developing world. In particular, Asian cookware purchases have been increasing rapidly, though product preferences differ drastically from country to country. In South Korea, for example, die cast aluminum ceramic-coated cookware; ceramic titanium coating and other types of coatings that are PFOA and PTFE free are highly popular.

The cookware market in Thailand was estimated to be over $145 million in 2011, while the Indian and South Korean markets were valued over $625 million and $270 million, respectively. Some of the key companies in Thailand include Satien Stainless Steel Public Co Ltd, Thai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd, Groupe SEB (Thailand) Company Ltd, and Meyer Group Ltd, among others.

Companies have started introducing products designed specifically to suit local tastes and lifestyles. In Korea, some of the key companies include Happy Call Co. Ltd, Neoflam, Inc, Kitchen-Art Co. Ltd, Fissler Korea Ltd, among others.

The cookware market in India has a very large unbranded unorganized sector. The market is highly fragmented with low entry barriers. Key companies that provide cookware include TTK Prestige Limited, Hawkins Cookers Limited, Nirlep Appliances Ltd, among others. In contrast to other countries, pressure cookers are quite popular in India.

In the Western world, Verify Markets looked at the German and Italian cookware markets. The local trends differ greatly from the developing world since the markets are mature. There have been an increasing number of repositioned and completely new products designed to cater to consumer preferences. The German cookware market in 2011 was estimated to be over $420 million, while the Italian cookware market was estimated to be over $360 million in 2011. The key companies in the German cookware market include Fissler GmbH, WMF AG, ELO Stahlwaren Karl Grünewald GmbH, Josef Schulte-Ufer Kg, Groupe SEB, among others. Some of the leading companies in Italy include Bialetti Industrie, Ballarini SpA, and Alluflon S.p.A, TVS, among others. Though the markets in Europe are mature, there are pockets of increased growth within.

This study provides revenues and market share analysis by companies, as well as a percentage split in terms of the type of cookware and material of cookware used in each country. It also captures market drivers, restraints, key trends, pricing trends, distribution trends and company profiles. The base year is 2011 and the forecasts are up to 2018.

The scope of the research includes utensils used on the top of the stove for cooking purposes. The countries covered in the research include India, Thailand, South Korea, Germany and Italy. Copies of these cookware market research reports can be obtained at

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