'Adventures of the Tornado Kid' Teaches 5 'Global Values' to Succeed in Life

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Nov 8, 2012) - Rakesh Malhotra's new book, "Adventures of the Tornado Kid," (www.fiveglobalvalues.com), teaches values that will help children succeed not only in the workplace but in everyday life, the author says.

"We are failing to teach our children the value of values," says Malhotra, a successful COO who used his experiences working with foreign corporations and extensive studies of human behavior to identify the values necessary for success. "This is one way to help counteract the loss of traditional role models and the morass of conflicting messages that children are exposed to in today's global media landscape."

"Adventures" is designed to help parents instill in their children qualities such as responsibility, compassion and integrity.

The book tells the story of two children brought up in two families with very different beliefs and values. After a devastating tornado destroys their city, James and Alisha set out on a journey to discover the five values that Malhotra has found to be the most revered and important values across all continents and cultures, faiths and religions: Responsibility, Compassion, Integrity, Peace and Love.

Drawing intensively from Malhotra's own experiences and studies, the book is not only a thrilling tale of friendship through adversity, reviewers say, it also teaches kids about the importance of these values and the ways in which they can use them to shape their futures.

For his role recruiting, hiring and maintaining corporate workforces, Malhotra researched the factors that affect human behavior. The most powerful influence, he found, is life values absorbed during childhood.

The story explores the vital role values play in helping parents to raise strong, energetic and determined individuals capable of achieving success in all facets of life. The book comes with a guide to help teachers and parents put the story's lessons to practical use.

About Rakesh Malhotra

As a values-driven business leader and a specialist in organizational behavior, Rakesh Malhotra has traveled to nearly 40 countries. During this journey, he became fascinated with the connections between human behavior and core values. His experiences helped him to identify the five core values that influence human behavior across all cultures. He founded Five Global Values to create awareness about the importance of living by -- and teaching our children -- these essential traits.

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