St. Paul Chiropractor Provides DOT Testing Available for Commercial Truck Drivers

St. Paul, Minnesota, UNITED STATES

SAINT PAUL, Minn., Nov. 11, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- St. Paul chiropractor Dr. Troy Robinson announced that his practice, Healing Hands Wellness Center, now provides Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exams for commercial truck drivers. The exam includes a physical, drug test, and vision/hearing test. Biometric screenings for cholesterol, height, weight, BMI, body fat, blood pressure, diabetes and liver function are also available. Dr. Robinson is listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners and has substantial experience providing DOT exams.

Commercial truck drivers who need an annual Department of Transportation (DOT) physical can now complete their Minneapolis DOT exam at Healing Hands Wellness Center. St. Paul chiropractor Dr. Troy Robinson is trained and certified to provide DOT physicals.

A DOT physical includes a drug test, vision exam and hearing test. The DOT physical checks blood pressure, reflexes and blood sugar.

"Our drug and alcohol testing is completely secure, ensuring the integrity of every test performed," said Dr. Robinson. "Our certified lab services help commercial truck drivers maintain their compliance with roadway safety credentials."

To pass the DOT physical, a commercial truck driver must have at least 20/40 correctable vision in each eye; glasses or contact lenses are acceptable for vision correction. Blood pressure must be under 160/100. If a commercial truck driver has high blood pressure, prescription medications may be used to control this condition. Blood sugar levels must be under 200; oral diabetes medication may be used to control blood sugar levels.

"Our chiropractic care center makes getting a DOT physical as easy as possible. In many cases, we can schedule the DOT physical within 24-hours of receiving an appointment request. We know that a driver's time is valuable, and we work hard to respect that," said Dr. Robinson.

Dr. Robinson and his medical team have completed extensive credentialing programs in order to become certified for DOT physicals, drug and alcohol testing. The chiropractor follows strict protocols to maintain the highest levels of integrity and professionalism.

"A DOT physical determines a driver's fitness to operate a commercial vehicle," said Dr. Robinson. "We take these tests very seriously. We are committed to protecting the test's integrity, ensuring compliance for commercial drivers and upholding public safety. We are proud to help make Minnesota roadways safer."

In addition to DOT physical exams, the wellness center provides comprehensive pain management and injury rehabilitation services. These treatments include chiropractic care to manage back pain, whiplash and other personal injuries.

"Many commercial drivers suffer from back pain due to long hours driving," said Dr. Robinson. "Chiropractic care can help safely manage this pain without the need for drugs."

For more information on DOT physical exams in Minneapolis, Highland Park and Twin Cities, commercial drivers may contact the St. Paul wellness center located at 1036 South Cleveland Avenue in Saint Paul, MN or request an appointment via the website at:


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