Thrifty White Pharmacy Installs Hands-Free System From TCGRx for Automated Image Verification and Collation

POWERS LAKE, WI--(Marketwire - Nov 12, 2012) - Thrifty White Pharmacy, based out of Plymouth, MN, introduced InspectRx™ by TCGRx to its central long-term care pharmacy in May 2012. After capitalizing on the benefits of InspectRx for three months, the pharmacy upgraded to the Collector in late August, 2012. The Collector is part of TCGRx's closed-loop medication pouch dispensing system that provides pharmacies with a comprehensive quality control process. 

The Collector works in conjunction with InspectRx as an imaging system to offer a faster, less expensive, and more accurate verification and collation process. The Collector separates pouches by patient, drug, or med cabinet. It then rolls and tapes 60 patient pouches per minute and drops the pouches into a tote for delivery. The Collector significantly reduces labor costs, allowing personnel to be utilized in other value-added functions and services.

"InspectRx has helped streamline our pharmacy workflow. The process of verifying the contents of pouch packages, separating, and rolling the pouches by pass-time or patient can be extremely labor intensive. The Collector, along with InspectRx, cuts that time in half, freeing up our teams to focus on the right things such as medication therapy management, resulting in improved health outcomes for our patients," said Justin Heiser, Vice President of Pharmacy Operations with Thrifty White. "Adding the Collector has allowed us to grow our business by offering shorter medication cycles, cutting down on waste without adding additional labor."

TCGRx's InspectRx and Collector have allowed Thrifty White to develop innovative programs designed to increase adherence to medication regimens, specifically HealthyPackRx™ Compliance Packaging. HealthyPackRx organizes a patient's medication by day, date, and time to be taken, with the objective of improving convenience, decreasing confusion, and reducing the potential for medication errors. All medications for a patient are filled on the same day of each month to improve the patient's medication adherence and health through consolidation. Thrifty White can quickly produce, verify, and organize these packs with the help of TCGRx's closed-loop medication pouch dispensing system.

About TCGRx
Backed by decades of experience, TCGRx utilizes the latest in technology to offer the most reliable pharmacy automation solutions on the market. The staff designs and integrates automation and workflow solutions into every aspect of pharmacy dispensing. TCGRx is dedicated to providing superior customer service and support by offering the most cost-effective, efficient, and accurate solutions.

TCGRx is an industry leader in automation and design services for hospital, long-term care, retail, outpatient, and specialty pharmacy markets. The company has a strong presence in all pharmacy markets throughout the United States and Canada. TCGRx headquarters is located in Powers Lake, WI. For more information, visit, call 262.279.5307 or find them on Facebook.

About Thrifty White Pharmacy
Thrifty White Pharmacy is a growing regional chain of 90 pharmacies located in the upper midwest. The company applies state-of-the-art technology to its central processing pharmacies to provide cutting edge services to its patients. Thrifty White is one of the nation's 100 largest employee-owned companies and focuses on medication adherence to help its patients improve their health. The 1200 employee owners are committed to providing cost-effective solutions to all parties that pay for health care including the patient, insurer, employer, and government. 

Thrifty White knows that it can help patients live a healthier life by making it easier for them to take their medications as prescribed. Thrifty White is proud to be a leader in transforming rural community pharmacies into cutting-edge service providers. Thrifty White is committed to helping patients live healthier lives. 

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