Introducing "All You Can Meet" Video Conferencing for Under $1,000,000.00!

IOCOM Offers Unlimited Video Conferencing Endpoints to Organizations


CHICAGO, Nov. 13, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IOCOM Communications, a leading video conferencing and collaboration solutions provider, today announced an unprecedented "all you can use" Video Conferencing solution of enterprise quality. Businesses that engage with IOCOM prior to the end of the year have the opportunity to obtain an unlimited number of fully functioning endpoint subscriptions for $995,995.00 per year for use at all levels within the organization.

Each year, large organizations spend millions of dollars on video conferencing and collaboration solutions that are deployed within multiple silos and scattered throughout business units, geographies and job functions. IOCOM CEO Tim Hackett cites, "we are amazed with how many companies have multiple solutions for communications and collaboration, each with their own limitations, costs and frustrations." Hackett adds, "On a daily basis, we find businesses using typically a combination of Skype or some other video chat options, various web conferencing tools, and hardware-based video conferencing and telepresence solutions with no consistent usage and therefore benefits derived. These systems require independent support for each infrastructure and significant time and resources to maintain, manage usage, and allocate licenses and meeting rooms."

A recent 2012 Frost & Sullivan research report states that "the global videoconferencing infrastructure market is growing at a blistering pace. New opportunities and advancing technology are reshaping the market and intensifying competition." The report also indicates that "startups, evolving technologies, and new business models are reshaping the landscape to pose challenges for established market leaders."

"We agree with the Frost & Sullivan research," adds Hackett, "and we are proud to be one of the leading market disrupters. Our Visimeet platform has seen tremendous growth due to its ease of use combined with enterprise class audio and video quality, security and performance. More and more of our customers are leveraging the cloud, either public, private or both, to cost effectively maintain and distribute our world class offerings. As 'market leaders' in this space are finally announcing future delivery of software-based solutions accessible via the cloud, we are delighted to bring this exciting program to leading companies all over the world. Today!"

IOCOM has created the "All You Can Meet" program to help businesses improve productivity and recognize the savings potential by replacing outdated and costly technology while preserving and extending existing investments. The IOCOM software-based solution, Visimeet, extends video conferencing and collaboration capabilities throughout the organization by integrating into a single platform that works on any device, over any network, from any location while offering full interoperability with existing fixed video conference room investments. This takes the solution out of the hands solely of the privileged few and enables all levels of an organization to share in the benefits of high quality visual collaboration.

For $995,995.00, the "All You Can Meet" program provides organizations with an unlimited number of subscriptions to Visimeet for internal corporate use with a variety of payment plans available. Visimeet better equips employees to meet and collaborate with one another, regardless if they're overseas on an iPad, working remotely on a laptop, or in a telepresence suite in the office.

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Founded in 1998, IOCOM develops, markets, and supports enterprise video conferencing and collaboration software and solutions that enable multi-point communication for business processes. IOCOM delivers innovative on-premise and cloud-based solutions that enable multiple groups or individuals to instantly collaborate anytime and anywhere over their chosen medium. IOCOM is the first collaboration software company to integrate high performance multiple data and video windows with high performance audio. To learn more, visit


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