Kanter Health Garners National Attention with Launch of Kanter Health TV on the TV Worldwide Network

Kanter Health Selects TV Worldwide to Produce and Host Internet TV Channel Dedicated to Kanter Health Mission of Harnessing Anonymous Data from Millions of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to Learn from Real World Patient Experience and Make Better Informed Health Decisions

Chantilly, Virginia, UNITED STATES

Washington, D.C., Nov. 21, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TV Worldwide, (www.tvworldwide.com), since 1999, a pioneering web-based global TV network, announced that it had been selected by Kanter Health  and the Joseph H. Kanter Family Foundation (KFF, www.KanterHealth.org) to host, produce and launch Kanter Health TV,(www.KanterHealth.TV), a private-label, community-based Internet TV channel. Kanter Health TV will support the mission of the Foundation to effectuate a health system that can leverage the power of Health Information Technology (HIT), aggregating and querying anonymous data from millions of Electronic health Records (EHRs), so that we can learn from the collective experiences of millions of patients, to empower all of us to make better, more informed health decisions.

The Internet TV channel concept for Kanter Health evolved as one of the outcomes from of a two-day Learning Health System (LHS) Summit on May 17 and 18, 2012 where over 80 prominent individuals representing organizations and stakeholders across the health care and health IT communities gathered at The National Press Club in Washington, D.C. at the invitation of Kanter Health. Participants worked together to begin laying key foundational elements that promise to harmonize and coalesce cutting-edge work presently underway into a national-scale LHS. The Kanter Health TV channel will create and distribute live, interactive and on-demand programming to highlight and inform about this process while galvanizing several important target demographic audiences to become engaged in the important mission of the Foundation. Initial channel programming includes content from the Learning Health Summit, in addition to newscasts, programming and other outreach content relating to the activities of the Foundation.

"We are pleased to work with a renowned new media leader like TV Worldwide to launch the Internet TV component of Kanter Health with the Kanter Health TV Channel," stated Joe Kanter, KFF Chairman. "If we're going to be successful in creating the health system we envision to leverage the power of Health Information Technology and anonymously-provided Electronic Health Records, we're going to need to innovate and execute at every level in our communications strategy. Kanter Health TV, on the TV Worldwide Network of Internet TV Channels, is a vital component of that strategy."

"We're pleased to have been selected to deploy our TV Worldwide Internet TV network to support Kanter Health TV and the important mission of Kanter Health and the Joseph H. Kanter Family Foundation and we salute Joe Kanter and his team for being out front on this issue," stated Dave Gardy, Chairman and CEO of TV Worldwide. "We've already received inquiries nationally regarding our upcoming programming for this channel from health thought leaders in government, academia, the medical community in addition to citizens concerned about healthcare, and we're provisioning our servers to meet the audience demand for this new channel."

Kanter Health TV launched on November 20, 2012 and is planning several important programming announcements through January of 2013.
About Kanter Health | The Joseph H. Kanter Family Foundation (KFF)

Kanter Health | The Joseph H. Kanter Family Foundation (KFF), is a nonprofit patient activist organization founded by Mr. Kanter, aims to effectuate a health system that leverages the power of health information technology (HIT) and electronic health records (EHRs) to learn from real-world patient experiences by putting patients at its center. KFF envisions a health system in which EHRs enable us to capture patients' experiences over time with the health system. In this vision, it will ultimately be possible to aggregate and query anonymous data from millions of EHRs so that we can learn from the collective experiences of millions of patients, to empower all of us to make better, more informed health decisions. The research derived from this data will not replace clinicians' medical expertise derived from years of training and experience, nor will it replace findings from randomized clinical trial studies or any other resource available to patients today. Rather, it will serve as a complement; one more tool that will enable medical researchers to conduct research in novel ways on real-world datasets of unprecedented scale, and that will empower patients and their clinicians to collaboratively make better informed personalized medical decisions based on real-world data regarding "what works best" for specific patients and diseases. Patients will ultimately be able to ask which treatments worked best for patients like them in the real world, and utilize this outcomes information to make better informed health decisions. Simply as a byproduct of delivering care, this learning/teaching health system will be able to learn from patients, for the ultimate benefit of patients.

About TV Worldwide

Founded in 1999, TV Worldwide (www.TVworldwide.com) developed the first Internet TV network of community-based Internet TV channels, primarily targeting niche professional communities ranging from the Maritime industry to the Digital Media sector. Known by many in the industry as "Intelligent Internet TV," Fortune 500 companies, 35 government agencies, and numerous International associations, including the National Association of Broadcasters, utilize TV Worldwide's live and archived state-of-the art video streaming content applications and Internet TV channels. In recognition of the company's unique achievements in new media, TV Worldwide was selected by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) to webcast past Daytime Emmy Awards and the Emmy awards for Technology and Engineering. CEO Dave Gardy has been honored by Streaming Media Magazine in 2008 as one of the 25 Most Influential People in Streaming Media. Mr. Gardy has served as the President of the International Webcasting Association (IWA).


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