Launches Free FTP Server Testing Tool

Online website monitoring service adds new FTP server testing tool

Austin, Texas, UNITED STATES

Austin,TX, Nov. 27, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Online website monitoring service announces launch of a free FTP server testing tool at The tool is very easy to use and just requires the host name or the IP address of the FTP server to be checked. The tool then analyzes the specified server in real time and provides a detailed report.

The tool checks the following -
1. Name servers reachable*
2. Valid DNS records*
3. Reverse DNS*
4. FTP server reachable
5. Valid server response
6. Anonymous login blocked

* Checks performed if hostname provided

Once the detailed report is presented, users can then optionally subscribe to fail alerts for free. The system then monitors the FTP server continuously by checking once a day. For added reliability, multiple monitoring locations are supported.

Monitoring your FTP server is very important, as the server can stop functioning at any time due to various hardware or software failures. Once the server is down, it will stop serving downloads. By having the server monitored, you can get an SMS, email or Twitter alert to take timely corrective action.

Here's an explanation of the tests performed by the tool-

Name Servers Reachable - For this check, the tool tries to look up name servers for the given server. If successful, it means visitors can reach your server using the host name.

Valid DNS records - Once the tool discovers the name servers, it then queries the primary name server for DNS records and checks for correct values.

Reverse DNS - The tool also checks reverse DNS for the server. Ideally, reverse DNS should match the host name of the server.

FTP Server Reachable - As obvious, the tool tries to connect to the server. If successful, it means the firewall allows traffic and an FTP server is running.

Valid Server Response - Once the tool is connected to the server, it checks for valid response from the server. If successful, it means the FTP server is running and accepting download requests.

Anonymous Login Blocked - You may be hosting sensitive documents on the FTP server for your employees only. If the server allows anonymous login, your confidential data may be compromised. Furthermore, it may allow malicious scripts to be uploaded causing security issues for the whole website. If this test fails, then steps should be taken to disable the anonymous login functionality.

The free FTP server testing tool can be found at

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