Spindle Location Discovery Service Now Available in New York

App Empowers New Yorkers to See "What's Happening Around Me"

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Nov 29, 2012) - Spindle Labs, Inc., whose mission is to make valuable social content more discoverable, today announced the launch of its service in New York City. Starting today, those living in or visiting New York will now be able to experience a new kind of local discovery.

"We're very excited to bring Spindle to New York City. New Yorkers and the city's visitors can now discover 'what's happening around me,' sharing the same experience as Spindle users in Boston and San Francisco. So anywhere in the five boroughs, you'll be able to open Spindle and discover valuable and timely updates from local businesses and organizations," said Pat Kinsel, Co-Founder and CEO, Spindle.

Within the five boroughs, Spindle has algorithmically identified more than 91,000 social networking accounts owned by over 70,000 businesses and organizations. And Spindle's results are as diverse as the city itself, including over 10,400 shops, 8,900 restaurants, 9,800 community organizations, and 4,600 educational institutions. On average, each place shares 5.4 updates and is mentioned 31.6 times per week. Collectively, they share nearly 400,000 updates per week and are mentioned over 2.2 million times! Spindle is the only service to tap into this ever-fresh stream of updates and help you discover "what's happening nearby?"

Beyond just identifying organizations and aggregating their activity, Spindle evaluates every update to determine what's most interesting and relevant right now. With every query, Spindle leverages signals like location, the social graph, and time of day to surface updates that are always fresh, always dynamic, and often surprising.

For examples of what Spindle discovers, check out Spindle's NYC Blog - http://nyc.spindle.com.

Spindle currently offers several feeds of results: Top Results, Food & Drink, Shopping, Nightlife, and Deals & Discounts -- with more coming soon. Each feed has a unique algorithm that helps people to tune in to their surroundings and find just the updates they're looking for.

Since the recent announcement of Spindle 1.1, Kinsel says that the response has been strong. "We've been really excited to see how people are using Spindle. On average, most active users perform between three and four queries per day, suggesting that people do find value in Spindle's constantly updating to surface the timeliest information as the day progresses. We also think people are finding the content engaging. 33% of results views generate a business page view. 41% generate a full content view. And 5% of results generate likes on updates."

Other Spindle features worth noting include:

  • Place Data Error Reporting (New): Business owners and fans can now help improve Spindle's place data.
  • Results Feedback (New): Spindle's algorithms are constantly improving. You can now provide feedback to improve results in your area.
  • User Profiles & Sharing: You can see your own activity and discover your friends' activity. You can tell friends where you're going, let them know when there's something happening in your current location, or point people to something cool you discovered via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email.
  • Favorites & Likes: Add spots to your Favorites list and Spindle will tell you what's happening at just those places. Like posts to save them to your profile and share with your friends. Discover your friends' Likes in the activity feeds and on Facebook.
  • Place Search & Location Selector: You can search for a specific place by name to discover what's happening there, or use the map to zoom in on activity in a specific location.

The Spindle app is available now in the iTunes App Store -- Click here to download. Currently available in New York, Boston and San Francisco, with other major cities coming soon.

About Spindle Labs, Inc.
Headquartered in Boston, MA, Spindle Labs, Inc., builds new search technology to help people discover valuable social content they couldn't otherwise find. The premise and promise for Spindle is simple: The context now provided by our mobile devices and social networks can compose a far richer query than any keyword search ever could. Through the Spindle app consumers can find the most interesting updates from businesses and organizations around them, helping them to discover what's happening right now. Spindle was founded by Pat Kinsel, Alex Lambert, and Simon Yun, all former engineers and managers from Microsoft's New England Research and Development (NERD) center in Cambridge, Mass. For more information, visit www.spindle.com.

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