Total Knee Replacement Not Necessary in Many Cases

Number of Total Knee Replacements Skyrocketing; Renowned Houston Knee Replacement Specialist Says Oxford Is All Many Patients Need

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - Nov 29, 2012) - As the number of total knee replacements continues to grow in America, one Houston knee doctor says a total replacement is not necessary in many cases. Dr. Larry Likover, a leader in custom designed total knee replacement in Texas, says many people with osteoarthritis have only worn out one of three compartments in the knee. In those cases, the patient may only need a partial replacement.

"The number of total knee replacements in this country has nearly doubled in recent years and is expected to jump about 600 percent by 2030," says Likover. "While total replacements are necessary in some cases, much of the natural knee could be saved in many patients."

In cases only requiring a partial, Likover performs an Oxford knee replacement, which he says is the first such implant with a proven long term success rate and the reason many total replacements are not necessary. Likover says many orthopedists do not recommend partial knee replacement, a minimally invasive procedure, because they are either unfamiliar with the Oxford or not trained to implant it.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires orthopedic surgeons complete a special training course before implanting the Oxford. Having performed more than 800 Oxford partial knee replacements, Likover is more experienced with the procedure than most American surgeons.

"If your orthopedist tells you a partial knee replacement doesn't work, get a second opinion," says Likover. "If you are told another implant brand has the same success rate as Oxford, ask for scientific data supporting it."

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About Dr. Likover:

Dr. Larry Likover, a Houston knee specialist and board certified orthopedic surgeon, has diagnosed and treated knee problems in patients for 32 years. He was one of the first doctors in Texas to perform MRI designed total knee replacement and performs about 250 annually. He also attended the state's first training class for Oxford partial knee replacement, and has since implanted more than 800.

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