Invivoscribe Launches Genection, a New Personalized Molecular Medicine Company Delivering Global Access to the Entire Clinically-Actionable Genetic Test Menu

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 4, 2012) - Invivoscribe Technologies, Inc., a privately-held life science company based in San Diego, California, announces the launch of Genection, Inc.

Genection provides physicians with a dedicated online platform for global access to the entire clinically-actionable genetic test menu, including both routine and esoteric genetic tests, exome and whole genome sequencing, cancer somatic mutation testing, and pharmacogenomics.

Genection's model is not payor driven, so prescribing physicians have access to genetic tests that may currently be unavailable, overlooked, or even inaccessible through their patients' managed care plans and health care institutions. Combine this comprehensive genetic test offering with convenient online ordering, seamless linking of multiple CLIA and CAP accredited laboratories for reporting and interpretation and integrated service offerings such as next generation sequencing and advanced bioinformatics in a singular location and Genection is streamlining the entire diagnostic pipeline.

"Genection is a valuable tool in the personalized molecular medicine landscape. Clinicians spend too much of their time identifying and ordering clinically relevant genetic tests, while struggling to keep abreast of the flood of clinical information around new biomarkers," said Bradley Patay, M.D., Genection's Chief Medical Officer. "In addition to the broad selection of genetic tests available to order through their service, Genection offers one of the most relevant new genomic testing services next generation sequencing used to detect driver mutations in cancer." Oncologists appreciate that current more effective and individualized cancer treatment programs require improved diagnostic stratification of their patients. Using targeted gene assays for deep sequencing of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, and exome sequencing to identify rare or unknown genes that may contribute to an individual's cancer, an oncologist can better identify the underlying cause of a patient's tumor to create a more targeted treatment plan.

Genection has agreements in place with several top CLIA and CAP accredited laboratories as well as sequencing centers. "Our initial partners include ARUP Laboratories, Foundation Medicine, Cypher Genomics, the Laboratory for Personalized Molecular Medicine (LabPMM) in the U.S., as well as its ISO15189 compliant laboratory (LabPMM GmbH) in Martinsried, Germany," said Suzanne Graham, Genection's Senior Manager of Business Development. "Genection also has established relationships with sequencing providers, including Illumina and Ambry Genetics." Moreover, Genection has alliances with a consortium of genetic counselors, to provide current informed decision making support, reducing costs of the informed consent process, and helping to avoid unnecessary testing.

What does this integration mean for a physician and their patient?

"In order to make personalized molecular medicine a clinical reality, new platforms need to be developed for the delivery of healthcare. Genection's mission seeks to accelerate this adoption process," Dr. Patay continued. "The combination of CLIA-validated genetic testing, whole exome or whole genome sequencing and broad targeted assays, along with critical bioinformatics, analytic tools, and interpretative guidelines will contribute to timely definitive diagnoses for patients with rare, unexplained diseases or complex diseases; in essence, this integration will speed delivery of genomic test results and improve patient care."

More than just facilitating ordering and transmitting patient reports and data, Genection's service is designed to vastly improve the communication between genetic counselors, physicians and patients. The Genection web application provides HIPAA compliant, secure patient data management for physicians and health organizations. As patient care moves to more team-based management, it is vital for patient information to integrate with several clinicians, and not be limited to one single provider. Genection streamlines this process, allowing clinicians to share test results and genetic information with other healthcare providers, which can assist in a diagnosis for a patient and accelerate creation of individualized treatment plans and potentially life-saving therapies.

Genection also serves as the gateway for the global Together We Cure initiative, which allows acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients and physicians to share clinical information to facilitate more rapid development of AML targeted therapeutics.

Genection is a privately held company owned by Invivoscribe Technologies, Inc., founded 18 years ago by its Chairman & CEO, Jeffrey E. Miller, Ph.D. Dr. Miller will serve as President of Genection. Bradley A. Patay, MD is Genection's Chief Medical Officer, and Suzanne M. Graham, Ph.D., is Senior Manager of Business Development.

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