Koolbit, Mobile Casino Game Network, Deploys Fleet of adverCars(tm) to Recruit Engineers

Koolbit Immediately Experienced 3x Improvement in Qualified Applicants

San Francisco, Dec. 10, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- adverCar, an innovative out-of-home (OOH) media company, and Koolbit, the leading mobile casino game network, today announced that Koolbit has deployed a fleet of 50+ adverCars in San Francisco. The adverCars clearly showcases "Koolbit wants you!" branding and targets talented SF-based developers in media-free neighborhoods.

On Saturday, December 15th adverCar will install an additional fleet of Koolbit cars to build on its initial campaign success. This installation event is open for those wanting to sign up to be a driver, or those wanting to talk to adverCar, Koolbit, or adverDrivers™.

"As we scale our portfolio of mobile casino apps, we're expanding our team of mobile developers," said Koolbit CEO, Gerard Cunningham. "adverCar delivers Koolbit's message to local talent where they work, live and play. We are delighted by the response from recruits -- our inbound applicants tripled in the first week driven by excitement on the street."

The boom in mobile is creating a shortage of talented developer and marketers, especially in the San Francisco bay area. WANTED Analytics reported a 9% increase in developer job listings in the Bay Area, and companies, small and large, are seeking new ways to get noticed.

The adverCar approach is tightly targeted. Regular drivers - typically young people and adverMoms™ - are paid to display a suite of removable decals to their car for a set period of time - usually one month. The ads go where the drivers go; advertisers can match a given promotion with specific driving locations---specific ZIP codes, supermarkets, mall parking lots, churches, clubs, soccer fields, etc. GPS, combined with driver reports, and stats based on the Traffic Audit Bureau standards, advertisers gain a rich set of data on each campaign.

Neil Turner, adverCar founder and CEO said, "Koolbit is a great partner - they are an innovative brand, the CEO understands the power of a fresh advertising approach, and they set out to influence a clear geographic target. This campaign has been effective in proving our ability to quickly deploy and impact consumers right away to achieve Koolbit's goals. We're looking forward to working with them on the next campaign."

adverCar recently announced its initial funding of $2M to grow its team and continue working with customers, including start-ups looking to recruit, auto and insurance companies, sports teams, quick service, political campaigns, cellular providers, residential solar, CPG companies, charities, and a myriad of others. This new mobile advertising model has been tested in 40 markets across 11 states. It's designed to offer advertisers more flexibility, greater specificity and more control in targeting consumers, at a tremendous cost savings.

About adverCar

Headquartered in San Francisco, Ca., adverCar is an innovative media company that provides next-gen, out-of-home ad services to connect advertisers with consumers, displaying ads that cannot be ignored or clicked away. adverCar targets your customers where they live, work, and shop, driving people to desired behaviors. For more information, visit www.advercar.com.

About Koolbit

Headquartered in San Francisco, Ca., Koolbit is the premier mobile casino game network. With casino-quality, freemium games, Koolbit provides players classic content they know and enjoy on their mobile devices. Koolbit is venture-backed, growing quickly, hiring developers and marketers to help scale the company. For more information, visit www.advercar.com.

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