Leading Medical Device Companies Are Transforming Marketing With Kaon's 3D Product Demonstrations

BD Diagnostics, Sizewise, Instrumentation Labs, and HORIBA Scientific Adopt Interactive 3D Product Models to Drive Sales

MAYNARD, MA--(Marketwire - Dec 10, 2012) - Kaon Interactive today announced an accelerated pace of customer adoption of its 3D interactive product marketing applications by leading companies in the medical device and scientific instrument industries. Recent additions to the Kaon user community include Sizewise, Instrumentation Laboratory, and HORIBA Scientific, all of whom are enhancing the way they market, demonstrate, and sell their products with Kaon's virtual 3D Product Models.

Three of the biggest challenges facing medical device marketers today are 1) differentiating their products from the competition, 2) demonstrating how the product works, even when they are physically present and 3) communicating their value proposition to multiple audiences involved in the buying cycle (e.g. nurses, doctors, lab technicians, radiology technicians, financial staff and executives) without having to recreate new product marketing content every time.

Kaon's high-definition interactive 3D Product Models allow medical device marketers to put customers in control of their own experiences, providing the ability to explore virtual products with incredible realism, and to "experience" them as if the products were physically present. Users have the ability to investigate moving parts, rotate, measure and interact with products in real-time 3D from any angle. They can explore options, functions, and features (for example, remove components, add accessories) and show animated product workflow or processes -- all while viewing relevant benefits messaging.

"BD was able to find a better and more cost effective way for our sales and marketing staff to demonstrate and differentiate the 1,500 pound BD Viper™ System using Kaon Interactive's virtual 3D Product Models," said Michael Borlet, vice president for sales and marketing for specialty products at BD Diagnostic Systems. "We were able to eliminate the need to ship physical products to over 24 events across the globe, saving the company about $7,000 per trade show."

With the ability to reuse Kaon's interactive marketing content on a variety of hardware platforms (iPads, mobile devices, laptops, websites and touch screen appliances), medical sales are accelerated, giving sales teams and channel partners the ability to interactively demonstrate products and solutions anywhere, anytime, including hospitals, trade shows, sales meetings, briefing centers and impromptu encounters.

"We had a medical device customer conduct a survey of their trade show booth attendees during a recent conference," said Gavin Finn, president and CEO at Kaon Interactive. "100-percent of the individuals surveyed said that Kaon's 3D Product Models helped them better understand product benefits, and that after walking through the virtual tour they now perceived this company as highly innovative. These are key sales accelerators for companies in highly competitive markets."

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Founded in 1996, Kaon Interactive provides interactive 3D product marketing applications that help B2B marketers and sales teams consistently demonstrate and differentiate products anywhere anytime and turn prospects into customers. By combining touch-based interactive features with 3D photo-realism, Kaon's 3D Product Models transform product marketing content into visual product storytelling experiences to deepen customer engagement, reduce marketing expenses and accelerate the sales cycle. More than 4,000 Kaon interactive applications are being used at worldwide at trade shows, remote sales demonstrations, product launches, executive briefing centers, and on customer and partner websites by leading global product manufacturing companies including Cisco, Juniper Networks, BD, GE Industrial, Waters and Belden. To experience a demo or learn more, visit www.kaon.com or follow us on Facebook or Twitter@marketing3D.

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