Beeline(TM) Interactive, Inc. Comes Out Swinging With "One Million Monkeys(TM)" for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 13, 2012) - Beeline Interactive, Inc., a leading publisher and developer of social games for smartphones and tablets, today announced the release of "One Million Monkeys," a new brain-bending word game now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the App Store. Players will go bananas over this collaborative story-building game that challenges players' abilities to wield words and outthink their friends. 

"One Million Monkeys" lets players go head to head, building silly stories together, as they rack their verbal repertoires to find words that satisfy the game rules. The game awards players bananas for achievements such as successfully forming phrases that include, exclude, or start with certain letters. Using big words, many words, few words, or being extra quick can earn bananas too. Banana points let players buy their way around the rules with special abilities or unlock new monkey characters and decorate their stories with stickers. Super-strict word nerds can also choose to challenge words they don't think meet the criteria. 

The new game lets players prove they're top banana with quick-thinking, problem solving, and creativity under pressure. An asynchronous, multi-player game, "One Million Monkeys" is collaborative as well as competitive. Friends take turns, working together to stitch together stories, while brandishing their big brain power and staking a claim on intellectual superiority over each other. Two to four players can compete in any one game, and players can participate in multiple games at one time. Players can choose to share their stories in the Monkey Library or post their works to their Facebook pages. In this war of wits, only the highest ranking monkey masterminds will prove they're the ruler of the word jungle!

"One Million Monkeys™" is the newest addition to Beeline's growing library of freemium mobile games which has included "Smurfs'™ Village," "Snoopy's® Street Fair," "Monster Pet Shop™," and "Zombie Cafe™" to name a few. Cumulative downloads for Beeline titles exceed 70 million. "Smurfs' Village" has ranked as the number one top-grossing app in 79 countries and consistently ranks as a top-ten grossing app worldwide on Apple's App store. "Smurfs' Village" regularly maintains a user review rating of 4 1/2 stars or higher on the U.S. App Store.

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