Strategic Analytics, The Modellers' New Business Unit, to Help Companies Leverage Existing Data to Make Smarter Decisions

NEW YORK, Dec. 18, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Companies are drowning in information. Market research departments and strategic analytics departments are being asked to do more with less, and are now routinely asked to check what can be done with existing data before embarking on additional data collection.

"There is a substantial need for true expertise in the areas of Big Data and Predictive Analytics," said Jeff D. Brazell, Ph.D., CEO of The Modellers, a leading market research and advanced analytics firm. "Most companies can do much more than they currently do to get added value out of their existing data. But they need the right partner to help do that."

"Strategic Analytics has become a larger part of our business and now warrants its own business unit," Dr. Brazell continued. "Smart companies are learning to assess and manage data more strategically so they can leverage the value of that data to provide better insights that lead to winning decisions. We're pleased to announce that Marco Vriens, Ph.D., Managing Director of Strategic Analytics and Senior Vice President of Methodology here at The Modellers, will lead this unit."

"We offer specific strategic analytical solutions including trend spotting, market forecasting, marketing mix modeling, marketing ROI analysis, customer churn evaluation, and customer life-time value analysis," said Dr. Vriens. Vriens is a well-known pioneer in Big Data and predictive analytics and author of The Insights Advantage: Knowing How to Win, a book that shows how to monetize data and predictive analytics, and co-editor of Handbook of Marketing Research, an award winning book that covers the best in advanced analytics.

The Strategic Analytics Unit will continue to offer The Modellers' cutting-edge IDT® (Interactive Decision Tool) simulator that helps companies play out market and customer scenarios and ensures that insights can be maintained over time. "Leveraging the ability to predict the impact of different scenarios defined across product and marketing dimensions and the ability to function as the organizational memory for insights means firms will become smarter faster. This makes the difference between winning and losing in the new hyper-competitive economy," concluded Dr. Vriens.

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