Shibue(R) Couture is Taking The Shibue(R) Strapless Panty International

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 15, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jenny Buettner, Creator of and Designer for Shibue® Couture, is expanding her brand and planning to dominate internationally just as she, and Shibue® Couture, have done in the United States. Buettner's most successful and sought-after product, The Shibue® Strapless Panty, has already garnered attention from top designers, models, TV shows, and is solving fashion conundrums on runways, in weddings, and on women everywhere, under everything!

The story of The Shibue® Strapless Panty begins with a panty line and a wedding. Several years ago Buettner was a bridesmaid for her sister's wedding, but before her sister said her vows, Buettner realized that she herself was saying too much through her gown. Even with barely there underwear, there was too much to bare! Making do with what she had, Buettner cut off the sides of her underwear and taped them to her body for a failed attempted that led to the creation of the successful, solution-based Shibue® Strapless Panty. While on the search to find a way to eliminate this problem for women in weddings everywhere, Buettner wound up creating a never-before-seen product that erases one of the biggest fashion faux pas in the world- the visible panty line.

Shibue® was released in the United States in 2009, and after branding The Shibue® Strapless Panty as The First and Only Strapless Panty for three years, Buettner successfully launched in Japan just last year in 2012. Kicking off in Italy, Shibue® Couture has released its European brand STANGA, which is creating global buzz and international interest from Africa, Brazil, Greece, Germany, France, and the list does not end there.

With a solid vision and successful branding, Buettner is officially introducing Shibue® Couture as a staple in the fashion world during Fashion Week Spring 2013. Underneath the masterful pieces of some of fashion's biggest names, and on the model industry's elite, Shibue® Strapless Panties will be behind the scenes preventing panty line problems on runways in both New York and Paris. Designers such as Beach Bunnies Swimwear, Nicolita, Vitamin A, Lisa Blue, Luli Fama, Stop Staring!, Wildfox Couture and Alexander Wang are just some of the names that will be "Shibue-ing" down the runways!

"Fashion Week used to feel like a dream to us, but we knew we had the product that designers didn't even know they were missing. Now the couture will look flawless and the models will feel comfortable without having to risk baring it all for fashion's sake. Everyone wins with The Shibue® Strapless Panty, and that's what we were aiming for all along. When we look good, we feel good!" said Buettner.

The Shibue® Strapless Panty comes in five sizes, extra small to extra large, in Nude, Mocha, and Black to match multiple skin tones and pair perfectly with those little black dresses. The Shibue® Strapless Panty is one of many solution-based lingerie accessories from Shibue® Couture. The line also includes Shoulder Savers, Cover Ups, Concealers, and three varieties of Lift Ups, to make women everywhere feel comfortable in their skin and in their clothes, no matter the occasion or the outfit.

For more information about Shibue® Couture, visit their website Follow on Twitter @Shibue_Couture for constant updates about where Shibue® Couture will land next, and remember- Shibue® Couture didn't cross the line…they erased it!

CONTACT: Jacki Monaco

(213) 250 6777 ext: 1007

About Shibue® Couture: Shibue® Couture was created by Designer Jenny Buettner a line of solution-based products to cure undergarment needs, including a variety of discrete bra shapewear. Shibue® Couture's most innovative product is the first and only strapless panty on the market. The reusable Shibue® Strapless Panty erases panty line worries for any outfit and any occasion. Their taglines are: "We Didn't Cross The Line…We Erased It!" and "She Shoulda Shibued!"

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