IOCOM's Video Conferencing Solution Not Affected by Java Hack

Users of Visimeet Safe From Security Breach


CHICAGO, Jan. 15, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IOCOM, a leading provider of universal video conferencing solutions, is informing its customers that users of their communications platform, Visimeet, will not experience any disruption due to the recent security breaches with Java, a browser plug-in from Oracle Corporation.

Last week, the Department of Homeland Security Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) issued a warning to users of Java of a security flaw that allows hackers to install malicious software and malware on computers. Oracle's failure to secure the software means that PCs running Java in their browsers remain vulnerable to attack by criminals seeking to steal credit-card numbers, banking credentials, passwords and commit other types of identity theft. As of Tuesday January 15, efforts to resolve the bugs have been reported to not be effective, with one industry spokesperson stating it could take two years to fix all the security flaws in the current version.

This is significant as many of the common video and web conferencing solutions on the market today require Java to operate as browser-based solutions. IOCOM's Visimeet is specifically designed with proprietary, enterprise-class secure software for business use and does not rely on Java to function.

"This is a serious threat to users because of the large number of programs, including videoconferencing solutions, that require Java to operate," said Jon Swanson, IOCOM Chief Technology Officer. "With no fix on the near horizon, the only way to avoid infection is to disable Java, which fortunately has zero impact on IOCOM, allowing our Visimeet platform to operate at its full functionality."

IOCOM has been providing secure, scalable, enterprise-class video conferencing solutions to businesses for over a decade. "With applications meant to serve the 'Consumerprise' more prevalent over the past couple of years, many newer video and web conferencing providers have chosen to leverage Java-based solutions to assist in their product design and use", offered IOCOM CEO Tim Hackett. "We are proud of our enterprise class solutions and would recommend all users thoroughly identify possible risks to their environment to ensure maximum protection", he adds.

Visimeet keeps people connected through video, audio, and data conferencing and gives users the ability to transfer files and share and view data in real time. Its solutions can connect with different endpoints simultaneously, including room systems, desktop PCs, tablets, and mobile devices as well as telephone, ISDN, SIP, and H.323 connections.


Founded in 1998, IOCOM develops, markets, and supports enterprise video conferencing and collaboration software and solutions that enable multi-point communication for business processes. IOCOM delivers innovative on-premise and cloud-based solutions that enable multiple groups or individuals to instantly collaborate anytime and anywhere over their chosen medium. IOCOM is the first collaboration software company to integrate high performance multiple data and video windows with high performance audio.

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