Yesmail Interactive Makes it Easier for Marketers to Optimize Their Email Marketing Through Testing

New Testing Solution Features Multivariate Testing, Built-In Statistical Analysis, and Greater Automation

Portland, Oregon, UNITED STATES

PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 31, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yesmail Interactive, an Infogroup company which powers intelligent customer interactions, today announced its new test optimization solution. This new solution helps email marketers deliver better business results by providing sophisticated testing capabilities, while removing the need for manual intervention to interpret test results and implement their findings.

In this new release, Yesmail Interactive's testing solution streamlines and automates many of the steps required to set up tests, analyze results, and implement the test findings to improve email campaigns. By reducing the workload associated with testing, this solution eliminates a key barrier that marketers face when using testing to optimize their email messages.

In addition to greater automation, the solution provides stronger testing techniques to marketers that deliver powerful insights in a quicker time-frame. It not only provides A/B testing, which tests two versions of a single variable in an email, but also includes multivariate testing, which can examine several versions of multiple variables in a single test. Because marketers can test more variables simultaneously and isolate improvements to specific variables or combinations of variables, the solution enables them to leapfrog competitors who are only implementing simple A/B tests.

Furthermore, the new solution enables marketers to ensure that tests deliver concrete improvements to business results by providing greater control of test parameters and built-in statistical analysis. Users can select from a range of test evaluation criteria from traditional email KPIs, such as open rate, to business metrics such as purchase value. Test results are validated using automated statistical analysis and presented using intuitive charts and graphs. This eliminates false positives and ensures that test findings will repeatedly deliver better results.

"The benefits of email testing are well known," says Julie Anne Reda, VP of Product Strategy at Yesmail Interactive, "but most marketers are unable to make full use of testing to optimize their campaigns. The current offerings in the marketplace provide limited automation of the test process or very simple testing techniques and data analysis. These leave most of the administrative burden on the user and limit the benefits of testing by producing unreliable recommendations. Our solution reduces the workload on the user and provides a greater level of precision and control. This enables users to quickly make real improvements to their programs that will consistently increase ROI."

Key capabilities within this upgrade include:

Simplified Test Set Up: Users can plan, create and execute tests in one central location, removing the need to jump to different sections of the platform in order to create templates and set up test parameters. This provides a more streamlined user experience and reduces the time required to create tests.

Greater Automation: Many components of test creation, deployment, data collection, and analysis are automated to reduce the manual work associated with a test program. Users can also configure tests to automatically select the winning test message based on pre-set evaluation criteria, deploy the message to the rest of the population at a pre-set schedule, or require the system to wait for user interaction.

More Control of Test Parameters: Users can precisely select the test group composition and size, as well as the test duration. In addition, a greater range of criteria are available to evaluate tests. These include standard email metrics such as: open rate, click-through rate, and click-to-open rate. They also include ROI metrics such as purchase volume. This enables users to optimize their email program in ways that matter most to their business.

Advanced Testing: A greater range of testing techniques is now available. In addition to A/B testing, users can also test up to 4 variations of the same variable against a single control, creating A/B/C/D/E tests. They can also use multivariate tests to simultaneously evaluate several versions of two or more variables (such as personalized subject lines and dynamic content blocks) together in one experiment. This provides quicker testing and enables greater insights.

Sophisticated Analysis: Data collection and analysis is in real-time and includes statistical analysis of the results, such as confidence levels and intervals. This increases the reliability of both the test results and the subsequent recommended improvements.

"Yesmail Interactive is unique because it is a leader in both email marketing technology and services," says Michael Fisher, President of Yesmail Interactive. "By taking the experience and statistical expertise of our professional services team and using it to improve our platform, we are taking email testing to a whole new level in terms of power and availability. Now marketers of all sizes, from smaller organizations to large enterprises, are able to use enterprise-class testing to enhance their customer interactions and increase their revenue."

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