MENSGROOM Launches New Website: Sparking Excitement on the Web and in the Wallet

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 5, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MENSGROOM has launched their brand new website just in time for Valentine's Day, providing an even easier way to purchase the perfect gift for every man. Fully equipped with effortless access, fewer pages to click through, and a manly modern feel, the site is sure to excite customers and reunite them with simple online shopping for some Simple Products For Simple Creatures…Men.

Since the release of their full product line back in November of 2012, MENSGROOM, grooming products for men, has been convincing men with varying levels of facial hair and cleanliness conquests that price inflation does not equal performance guarantee. "Our products aren't cheap, they're just awesomely low-priced. They work better than the products that cost 1/5 of your rent," said Managing Director Peter Parrag. "Today we equate expensive with fantastic. Our goal is to remind the average man that above-average products do come at below-average prices," added Parrag. 

With the launch of their new, improved, and simplified website, MENSGROOM lovers will no longer have to send their mouse hunting for the cheese because all six products will loudly and proudly stand out on the site. With three products for the head, one for the body, and two for the face, men can groom from head to toe, all for under fifty dollars. Shampoo and condition, fill in those thinning spots, style the thicker chunks, shave the stubble, soothe the skin, and bathe the body time and time again, all for less than the cost of that Valentine's Day dinner. MENSGROOM puts grooming into perspective! 

To purchase MENSGROOM products for yourself or to give the gift of clean this Valentine's Day, visit their website Follow on Twitter @MENSGROOM to keep up with the buzz and check out the MENSGROOM blog for a witty take on life from the MENSGROOM man himself, Washroom Guy.

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About MENSGROOM ( MENSGROOM is a men's skin and hair care line- Simple Products for Simple Creatures…Men. With hair, face, and body products that are easy to use, MENSGROOM makes manly maintenance a simple task with six head-to-toe products. MENSGROOM is endorsed by The Washroom Guy (WG), once famous for his lack of grooming, he now represents MENSGROOM and can't get enough of simple grooming. Visit for product information and follow the Washroom Guy's blog at @MENSGROOM. About

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