The Ultimate Rose Partners With Television Star and Couture Designer Lana Fuchs to Create a Signature Rose Line

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Ultimate Rose has partnered with television star, couture designer, and entrepreneur Lana Fuchs to create two new lines of radical roses just in time for Valentine's Day.

The Ultimate Rose is the creator of an array of never-before-seen roses, with stems that stand up to 6-feet-tall.The Ultimate Rose is the ultimate gift to take any Valentine's breath away. CEO of The Ultimate Rose, Tom Wienckoski, is also the founder of Fiesta Roses, The World's Largest Rainbow Rose Supplier. Fiesta Roses artistically alters the color of the average rose, so that anyone can give a unique floral gift tailored to the people they love. The Ultimate Rose has brought roses to new heights and new hues, and therefore went in search of a celebrity whose mission matched their own.

Lana Fuchs is a woman of many talents, proving time and time again that when you have the right amount of drive and passion, no obstacle, dream, or goal is out of reach. It's no wonder The Ultimate Rose was attracted to triple threat Lana Fuchs and wanted to create a partnership with such a dynamic female presence. As the star of TLC's Sin City Rules and Founder/Designer of Billionaire Mafia as well as the high-end denim line aptly called FVCHS, Lana speaks openly about her multi-facetted personality and the aspects that make up her charismatic disposition. The Ultimate Rose took this concept and created not one, but two floral designs for one empowering woman.

"Lana personifies what our roses are all about - unique, beautiful, and one-of-kind. It was a match so effortless, and so timely, for Valentine's Day. We're excited to have an official Lana Fuchs Ultimate Rose," said Wienckoski.

The first of the two lines is called Unforgettable by Lana Fuchs, a set of one or two dozen maroon and gold combination roses which are the perfect reflection of Lana's divine essence. The intense combination of rich maroon and vibrant gold alludes to a strong personality with a soft, feminine aura. For Lana Fuchs, roses most definitely do not need to be red. The maroon and gold combination comes with a frosted white vase; simple and sophisticated with a hint of mystery. The Ultimate Rose also created a single rose, Iconic by Lana Fuchs, to represent Lana Fuchs' powerful side. The four-foot-tall glitter red rose rises above the average rose, both in height and in beauty and stays true to the idea that every beautiful rose has its thorns. Accented with platinum glitter on the rim of the petals, the glitter red rose comes with a clear tower vase to showcase its elegance.

"I think the roses are perfect reflections of what I stand for- empowerment for women and self-love. I hope men celebrate the women in their lives this Valentine's Day with flowers that are as beautiful as their women are, and that women follow this mantra when they see these thoughtful and breathtaking gifts- love yourself just as much as he loves you!" said Fuchs.

To order an Iconic Rose or Unforgettable Bouquet by Lana Fuchs for someone special this Valentine's Day, go to Lana's Rose Collection page on For updates on The Ultimate Rose follow on Twitter @TheUltimaterRose and @Fiesta Roses. To see what Lana Fuchs will be diving into next, follower her @LanaFuchs.

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