Niyato Industries, Inc. Announces Substantial Increase in Orders of Its Re-Powering Bi-Fuel CNG Systems


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, Feb. 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Niyato Industries, Inc. announced that its re-powering division, Niyato Re-Power, has received a commitment from one of North America's leading drilling operations in south Texas.  An agreement in principal was reached whereby Niyato Industries will start re-powering the Vehicles in March. The agreement consists of 150 of its existing fleet vehicles to be converted to bi-fuel and 8 new vehicles per month, as the company cycles through its aging fleet.

Leslie Stencil, CEO of Niyato, also completed agreements with fleet managers for several Ford and GM dealerships in Louisiana where Niyato Industries will convert new vehicles for their customers.  The agreement consists of 8 to 10 new vehicles per dealership each month.  "The price of gasoline continues to fluctuate and will continue to be a drain on the profitability for many companies," Stencil added.  The south is leading the nation in fuel efficient and cleaner burning compressed natural gas vehicles.

Niyato Industries has partnered with the world's largest provider of dedicated and bi-fuel systems to offer customers the best system at a very reasonable price.  "The payback period is very quick," stated James Gaiser, Niyato's Chief Marketing Officer.   Niyato has also partnered with one of the largest station-in-a-box providers of CNG fueling stations.  "We are offering any fleet owner in America a free station on their property with the purchase of 70 or more Niyato Re-Power systems and a guaranteed purchase of Niyato CNG Gaz2 for 5 years," added Stencil. 

Niyato Industries is a state-of-the-art, niche vehicle re-powering company. Niyato is a US company based in Las Vegas and is a licensed automobile manufacturer and federal contractor. The company converts gasoline vehicles to clean burning natural gas.  The company converts both Ford and General Motors vehicles to bi-fuel compressed natural gas. The company will not outsource jobs and plans to do everything it can to help keep America's work force employed.  Niyato's business model is very simple: re-power already existing, time tested, new gasoline vehicles to natural gas vehicles for a more sustainable economic model. 

The Niyato Bi-Fuel Ford F150 was also featured at the Eagle Ford Forum II in San Antonio, Texas on January 29, 2013 at the Pearl Stable.  There  Mr. Stencil met with notable learders in the Natural Gas Industry, Quick Silver Resources, Energy Transfer and Chesapeake to discuss working together to build a sustainable model for the Natural Gas Industry.  

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