Radnor Veterinary Hospital Discusses Pet Surgery Services

Wayne, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

WAYNE, Pa., Feb. 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Radnor Veterinary Hospital offers preventive pet surgery like spays, neuters, dental cleanings, as well as more advanced procedures such as soft tissue surgery, endoscopy, and orthopedic surgery. The veterinary hospital's advanced surgical capabilities include splenectomy, gastrointestinal surgery (foreign body retrieval/anastamosis/gall bladder removal), cystotomy, endoscopy and many other types of exploratory surgery. Pre-operative diagnostics are used to prepare patients for the best outcome possible. This may include blood testing, EKG, digital radiography (x-ray), or even ultrasound (chest or abdomen). Led by veterinarian Dr. Len Donato, the hospital's veterinary care team will help guide you through this process. They have extensive experience in these procedures, and will be happy to help your pet and you.

Basic and advanced surgical procedures for cats, dogs, ferrets, birds, reptiles, rabbits, rodents, and other exotic pets are available at Radnor Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Len Donato states, "Our veterinary care team has extensive experience in a variety of operations including soft tissue and orthopedic surgery. He also stresses the importance of quality pre-operative care and diagnostic services to minimize stress and maximize success of surgery. This starts with preventative blood work for pets that will be under anesthesia during surgery.

"We carefully monitor a pet's vital signs before, during, and after anesthesia administration to ensure a pet's safety," said Dr. Donato. "Preventative blood work prior to surgery helps us identify undiagnosed health problems that could potentially complicate the anesthesia. Nothing is more important than a pet's safety; this comes first every time."

The veterinary team also stresses clear communication with pet owners. Dr. Donato says he never wants a pet owner to feel pressure to make a specific care decision. The pros and cons of every surgical procedure, along with the expected outcome, are discussed in detail with a pet owner.

"We believe in open communication with pet owners, which helps reduce stress or anxiety about a procedure and puts a pet's well-being first. We will do everything possible to come up with a care plan that fits the owner's philosophy and budget," said Dr. Donato.

If a pet owner is considering orthopedic surgery, Dr. Donato will help the pet owner weigh the pros and cons. Maybe the procedure will help the pet's suffering from arthritis but there may be a lengthy recovery period, which may not be suitable for certain older pets. "We give pet owners all the available information so they can decide what is best," said Dr. Donato.

In addition to pet surgery, the veterinary hospital provides wellness exams, vaccinations, and dentistry. Dog day care and boarding are other services the hospital offers.

Radnor Veterinary Hospital is the 2012 recipient of Main Line Today's "Best Place for Man's Best Friend" award, which recognizes animal hospitals that provide outstanding care and service.

Pet owners may learn more about pet surgery and other services by visiting the animal hospital's website, http://www.radnorvet.com/.


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