Via New Social Login Feature, B2B Publishers Amplify Audience Data

Proven publishing system responds to customer demand with B2B social login feature

St. Paul, MINN., Feb. 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Highlights

•             More professionals adopt social login than do consumers
•             Early privacy objections to social login are decreasing
•             New social login feature funnels social identity data into existing audience databases
•             Social login as a reader-loyalty tool

(St. Paul, Minn., February 7, 2013)  An increasing number of B2B publishers are offering social login options to their subscribers, as evidenced by the recent release by a leading Internet publishing system of an integrated social login feature.

IProduction released its new social login feature in late January, in response to customer demand.  The new social login feature works with leading CMS systems WordPress and Drupal as well as with IProduction's proprietary CMS.

Unlike some other publishing software add-ons, IProduction's social login plug-in funnels the audience data collected via subscribers' social identities directly into publishers' existing audience databases.  "We are dedicated to offering our B2B publishing clients a real opportunity to get a 360-degree view of their readers," said IProduction President Steve Laliberte.  "By adding data from their readers' social identities to existing data from fulfillment history and click streams, our B2B customers get a deeper look at their readers."

Early User Objections to Social Login Falling Away

More than half of online consumers use social login, according to an October 2012 study conducted by Blue Research.  The survey also revealed that 65 percent of consumers are more likely to return to a website that automatically welcomes them through social login.

Early objections to potential privacy objections to social login are falling away as Internet users begin to understand that social login is both a cure for "password fatigue" and the best way to ensure that the content they receive is most relevant to their needs.

Professional social identities such as those associated with LinkedIn present fewer privacy concerns in the first place, which makes these social media excellent options for B2B social login.  Internet users have adopted social login much more readily in their professional lives than in their personal and consumer lives.  As many as 80 percent of professionals use their LinkedIn identities to log in to B2B websites.  This data comes from social web player Janrain, which released the data in December 2012.

Social Login Protects Publishers' Hard-Won Registered Audiences

IProduction customer ALM Media Properties, LLC added social login to its publication  "We wanted to simplify the registration process to add the ability for a new reader to register using LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.  This option reduces the amount of information that they need to provide and eliminates yet another account that they need to maintain," explained Scott Thompson, vice president of integrated marketing and sales development for ALM's Real Estate Media Group.

Strategies like that of ALM combat readers' "password fatigue" and protect ALM's registered audience as well.  The Blue Research study revealed that as many as 92 percent of survey respondents reported leaving a website when asked to complete a password recovery or reset process.

Social Login as a Reader-Loyalty Tool

"Based on the Blue Research results and the experiences of American Lawyer Media and other publishers, social login will quickly become a reader-retention and reader-loyalty tool," predicted Mr. Laliberte, IProduction's president.  "It's a true win-win for publishers.  Their readers get the easy access and targeted content that they want, and the publishers get amplified reader data that they can combine with existing audience data to deliver tightly targeted audiences for editorial and commercial purposes."


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