SupersonicAds Introduces Ultra, the World's First Ad Server Designed for Social Game Developers

The First Platform Designed Specifically for Social Game Developers Streamlines Serving, Tracking and Optimization of All Forms of In-Game Ad Placements

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 21, 2013) - SupersonicAds Media Group (, the global leader in mobile and web ad monetization for social games, today announced Ultra, the first ad server built from the ground up specifically for social game developers and publishers. Ultra (, powered by SupersonicAds, is an SSP (Supply Side Platform) for social game developers to manage and optimize all forms of in-game ad placements from multiple providers.

Social game publishers today enjoy ever increasing monetization options. These revenue channels include In-App Purchases (IAP) and ad formats unique to social games like offer walls and incentivized videos, and standard pre-roll and display ads.

However, these channels are heavily fragmented between dozens of providers across platforms and geo-locations with each requiring a separate integration process and delivering results via a separate reporting console. This presents a major setback for publishers trying to add and optimize multiple providers.

With Ultra, Publishers can implement a single ad server using a single integration point for all social game ad formats. For the first time publishers will have the ability to track, serve and optimize any amount of providers including their house ads and directly sold inventory without the hassle of multiple integrations and redundant reporting systems.

Using Ultra's advanced dashboard, publishers can compare IAP and all ad formats side-by-side with platform, provider, country and product breakdowns, providing the full picture and insight they need to grow their business. Ultra's optimization technology provides both full transparency and real time provider yield optimization, A/B tests and product optimization.

The ease of adding new providers, reporting, and optimizing across platforms and geographies results in lower costs, shorter development cycles and a significant uplift in ARPU and revenue for publishers using Ultra.

According to a report from DFC Intelligence, the global market for ads in social games is expected to grow to a $7.2 billion industry by 2016, an impressive 43% increase since 2010. Ultra delivers gaming publishers and developers a leading platform to better tap into this market opportunity and increase ad revenues by 30-50% on average. In 2012, SupersonicAds delivered more than 5 billion in-game video views across both web and mobile devices providing premium and engaging content from Fortune 500 brands such as Disney, Sony Pictures, P&G, Unilever, Samsung, Coca-Cola and McDonalds, among others.

SupersonicAds CEO, Gil Shoham, explains, "Social Gaming Publishers and Developers may be working with multiple ad providers and want to increase revenue by working with more. Yet, no one wants to spend the time and resources on additional provider integration, directly manage relationships with advertisers, or use unsold inventory. Ultra eliminates these problems and empowers developers to freely engage with ad providers and direct advertisers in a transparent, automated and integration-free environment." is among the list of marquis publishers currently integrated with Ultra. EVP of Business Development and Advertising, Mark Charkin said, " has been working with SupersonicAds as a trusted partner for several years. They understand the social gaming ad monetization landscape well and our continued success with them made it an easy decision to integrate with Ultra."

Social Point, Trophy Games, Gamebasics, IsCool and DigitalChocolate are among the many also currently integrated and running on Ultra.

"Whether Publishers and developers use Ultra to cross-promote titles to acquire customers, promote virtual goods to drive revenue or support direct sales efforts, Ultra provides a real and sustainable strategic advantage to achieve these critical business goals," Shoham added.

Ultra allows social game developers and publishers to:

  • One single front-end integration point, no development needed to add ad providers.
  • Aggregate data from all ad providers, placements and formats, into one powerful dashboard that includes critical insights such as fill rates, ARPU and eCPM.
  • Optimize ad revenue upward of 30-50% using real time yield and fill rate optimization
  • Obtain full control over advertising guidelines such as minimum pricing, video length, ad content and more, as well as user experience guidelines such as amount of ads per user; all managed per country, user segment (e.g. paying or non-paying user), ad placement and game title level efforts 
  • Maintain positive and uninterrupted user experiences 

Ultra is optimized for Facebook, iOS and Android and is IAB VAST and VPAID compliant.

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