Westwood College Connects Game Art and Game Software Development Students with Industry Professionals through "Fighter Frenzy" Event

Gaming tournament produced by Colorado Cutthroat Connection and hosted at Westwood College campus provided networking opportunities

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Denver, CO, Feb. 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Video from Westwood College: Westwood College Connects Game Art and Game Software Development Students with Industry Professionals through "Fighter Frenzy" Event

Westwood College recently hosted a video gaming event titled Fighter Frenzy as part of its commitment to helping students gain hands-on experience and skills. Produced by Colorado Cutthroat Connection, the event provided game art and game software development students the opportunity to meet and network with some of the top, local gaming professionals through networking opportunities and panel discussions, along with tournament and casual play for video and card game enthusiasts.

See video from Westwood College and Synaptic Digital at: http://inr.synapticdigital.com/westwood/gaming/?cp=1

More than 250 people attended the event on Saturday, Feb. 9 at Westwood's Denver North campus, including representatives from local gaming companies, such as Leviathan Games, Limn Interactive, and Zebralightning Studios. Tournament players competed for cash and prizes in games such as "HALO 4," "Super Street Fighter 4," "Tekken Tag Tournament 2" and "Call of Duty: Black Ops." The event also hosted the first "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Free for All" tournament of the year, while casual play was offered for games such as "Dance Central 3," "Sports Champions 2" and more.

Card games, including an invitational qualifier for "Magic: The Gathering" drew nearly 40 participants in the daylong competition.

"The combination of local game developers and dedicated gamers from across Colorado, along with support from the sponsors, students and faculty, made the Fighter Frenzy event a great success," said Gregory Richardson, CEO/Director of Operations for Colorado Cutthroat Connection. "With the gaming industry really taking off in Colorado, this event was the perfect mix of the professional, educational and entertainment aspects of gaming, resulting in a high-value event for students and gamers alike."

Networking and educational events also took place throughout the day. A group of Westwood gaming graduates and local professionals participated in a networking event and a panel discussion. Topics included:
• The future of the growing gaming industry in Colorado and neighboring states, which is expected to become a prominent location for the industry due to more companies and studios either starting up or relocating to take advantage of the local lifestyle.
• The importance of obtaining degree in the gaming industry, as well as the benefits of pursuing a game design or development degree at Westwood College, such as small class size and the ability to study in a hands-on environment with others who are pursuing the same goals.

Mixxd Nutts, a group of Westwood game art and game software development students, presented a prototype of a video game they are creating, and Charles Bendert, Program Chair/Director for the Game Art, Game Software and Graphic Design programs at Westwood, led a drawing and illustration workshop that helped attendees practice perspective and character design.

"One of the best things about this event was the ability for our students to get to meet local professionals to talk about what the future holds for this industry," said Dan Snyder, president of Westwood College's two Denver campuses. "They got to see first-hand the great opportunity open to them once they complete their degree programs, as well as have a little bit of fun doing something they are passionate about."

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