HALLS Mentho-Lyptus Celebrates Unsung Heroes of Nightlife

Kicks-Off Search for America's Coolest Bouncer

EAST HANOVER, NJ--(Marketwire - Feb 28, 2013) - Every night at clubs across the country, one thing stands in the way of getting past the velvet rope -- the bouncer. Known for letting the cool people in, the work of these unsung heroes of nightlife is often underappreciated, with 68% of Americans agreeing1. To recognize these arbiters of cool, HALLS®, with the powerful cooling effect of Mentho-Lyptus®, which literally lets the cool in, is searching the country for America's Coolest Bouncer.

Through March 29, Americans can visit www.LetTheCoolIn.com to nominate their favorite bouncer. The public will vote to narrow down the nominations to the top 10, followed by a final vote for the winner and runner-up. The grand prize is $10,000 and one runner-up will receive $5,000. Judging is based on quality of the submission showcasing the bouncer's skills and personality (45%), creativity and originality (30%) and by voting (25%). To nominate a bouncer, Americans need to:

  • Submit photo to www.LetTheCoolIn.com
  • Share why you're nominating that bouncer in 180-characters or less

"With our search for America's Coolest Bouncer, we are excited to recognize and celebrate those who literally let the cool in, just like our new campaign invites consumers to 'Let the Cool In' -- and relieve their sore throats -- with the powerful cooling effect of HALLS Mentho-Lyptus," said Mindee Elam, Senior Brand Manager, HALLS.

To understand Millennials' perceptions of bouncers and nightlife, HALLS commissioned a national consumer survey and found that if you are looking to make it past the velvet rope, don't try paying off the bouncer, which is sited as the least successful strategy for getting into a club (9%). Do dress the part, with 43% believing it is the best shot for success. Thirty percent of Millennials say to make sure there is a good guy/girl ratio before attempting the impossible. Other survey results include2:

  • What is the toughest part about working as a bouncer? Breaking up fights tops the list at 33%, closely followed by being surrounded by annoying people (32%). 
  • How do you know which is the coolest club on the block? Sixty percent of Millennials believe the longer the line outside, the cooler it is inside.
  • Twenty-three percent of Millennials have been denied admittance into a club, but that doesn't deter them, with the average wait on line for admittance being approximately thirty minutes.

In order to bring awareness to the search for America's Coolest Bouncers, HALLS will be hosting HALLS Nights at a handful of clubs. HALLS Nights will allow bouncers to select a clubgoer(s) in line and provide them a VIP HALLS Pass, enabling them the ability to skip the line and gain access to the club.

For more information, please visit www.LetTheCoolIn.com

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1 According to a HALLS survey conducted by Wakefield Research among 500 national representative U.S. adults, ages 18-34, between January 30th and February 6th, 2013, using an email invitation and an online survey.

2 According to a HALLS survey conducted by Wakefield Research among 500 national representative U.S. adults, ages 18-34, between January 30th and February 6th, 2013, using an email invitation and an online survey.

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