Social Marketing Report Advises Using Website Surveys as One Way to Measure Whether Discovery Drives Exploration

Independent Research Firm Says Website Surveys Can Capture Users' Inspiration for Visiting

MONTREAL--(Marketwire - Feb 28, 2013) - iPerceptions Inc., a leading and trusted provider of online Voice of Customer (VoC) analytics derived from actual visitor feedback, today announced that a recent Forrester Research report, "Win the Social Marketing Measurement Game," November 21, 2012, found that website surveys are one of two strategies that can bridge the gap between tracking the reach of social campaigns and understanding which social media programs drive exploration.  

According to the report, "Marketers often launch word-of-mouth programs to create discovery. But measuring success isn't easy: While vendors like Visible Measures and Omniture can track the reach your viral campaigns create, few offer solutions for measuring whether those campaigns drove customers to explore your products."

The Forrester report cites website surveys as a strategy that can bridge the gap between measuring the reach of social campaigns and understanding what inspired customers to explore.

"Surveys can record inspiration for site visits," states the report. "The website surveys you might use to gauge users' satisfaction can also capture users' inspiration for visiting. For instance, iPerceptions' clients often use surveys to ask users why they visited the site. An increase in users who say that their visits were influenced by family and friends -- or by social media sites -- shows that viral programs are driving exploration."

"Understanding why customers decide to explore, engage and purchase is critical to market success," said Audry Larocque, CEO of iPerceptions. "We are committed to helping companies understand customer inspiration and turn it into action through our 'Active Research' approach, capturing insights at the moment of truth."

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